Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wed, Sep 22, 2004

Nora rolled over!!! This morning while I was folding towels on my bed, Nora was lying on her stomach doing some "tummy time.

I was talking with Nora and telling her about how I will be going into work a few days to help train the new person taking over my job. I told her that Miss Ginny and Miss Annette would be taking turns keeping her and how nice they were. She was very excited and in a great mood.

So I told Nora that if she was going to roll over for the first time it could not be for anyone else but Mommy. I kept talking to her and she was cooing and laughing and in the best mood and then after about 3 minutes .. she ROLLED OVER!

Of course I was so excited and immediately called David but only got his voice mail message... I left a message but I still wanted to tell someone. I couldn't call my daddy because I knew he was on the road driving from NC to I tried Kathy, David's mom, but the receptionist said that she was in a staff meeting, so I called and told Me Maw Reliford! :) and told her all about it! .... and then of course came here to post the BIG NEWS! :)

Friday, September 10, 2004

Fri, Sep 10, 2004 10:43 AM

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Fri, Sep 10, 2004

This morning Nora REALLY laughed out loud! Over and over she laughed! She woke up feeling GOOD!

Last night after David came home from work he played with her and after about an hour she fell asleep on his shoulder and didn't wake up again. A few times he tried to put her down and she would whimper so he held her until time for dinner... then we just put her to bed thinking she would wake up around 10-11 but she didn't.

She slept the whole night! From 5:30pm until 4:45am!!

David got up changed her diaper and handed her off to me to feed her before getting ready for work, I fed her and then put her back down and was surprised to hear her giggling away in her cradle around 9:30am this morning! I can't believe she sleeps that long! I have heard that when babies go thru growth spurts, they sleep more.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Thu, Sep 9, 2004

ok, I think I have all the photos up now. I am sorry I didn't get them up sooner. The last two days I have been catching up on all the laundry form our tip. I wish I had taken more pictures of Nora and the family. She met so many people during her visit and I didn't get pictures of everyone. :(

Nora got to meet her Memaw Reliford; Aunt Melanie, Malorie & Lance; Uncle Mark & Courtney; Uncle Greg, Aunt Beverly and Austin.

While visiting Grandma Minor's home, she got to meet Aunt Connie; Aunt Maxine; Uncle Kenneth & Aunt Della Ann and cousin Andrew. She also got to meet Shea, Collin, & Chad and also her cousin Todd.

While Nora & I were staying at Daddy's home, several people stopped by to meet and see Nora. Her Godmother Gayle, Mildred & Ricky; Aunt Nell, Katie, Grayson, & Keena; Clara; and Donnie.

When we come home next time for Christmas - I will do better and get everyone's picture holding Nora.... so don't say you weren't forewarned :)

Thu, Sep 9, 2004

Hello Friends and Family! We are finally getting back into the swing into our daily routine. We got back from our visit to KY late Monday night.

Nora was fed up with riding by the time we reached Atlanta and although she had slept well before then, there was just no satisfying her except for David and I singing Jesus Loves Me to her... after nearly 35 minutes of singing the song over and over and over, David and I just began to sing our conversation to each other to the tune of Jesus Loves Me.

Sounds silly but hey, it worked! :) I took pictures while we were in KY and am uploading them to the webpage. Be sure to take a look. Oh, one more thing. We did go for her 2 month check up two days before we left for KY - I will post that news after I get all the KY photos on the webpage.