Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Only $2.00 more per week

Recently we received an annual financial report from our church explaining the deficiate.
they mentioned that if each family would increase their offering gift by only $2.00 per week that they'd have enough and get caught up.

Which got me to thinking...  Every Sunday all 3 of our children eagerly hope to be the one that David gives our weekly offering envelope to so that they can place it into the basket as the usher pushes the long handled wicker basket down our pew in front of our laps...  Nora will try and get as far back as she can so that the usher has to really stretch out to get to her when it's her turn....

I remember as a child I had my very own church envelopes.  There were boxes to check if I was placing 0.25 .50 or .75 inside.  What if all 3 of my kids had their own envelopes and we did this together at home the night before after supper.

Any amount that they can share is a true gift that will be appreciated, and hopefully one day they will share this gift of giving with their own children! ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Praying for Rain and Texas!

 On facebook today I've seen at least a dozen ofmy Texas friends post this as their status: