Saturday, November 16, 2013

There's been a lot going on in our life.... and I know I've totally neglected our family blog. (for way too long)  Seems like uploading a few quick photos to facebook is a lot easier for our on the go lifestyle.  However I'm not ready to give up. As a matter of fact I plan to play catch up on here and transfer photots over and post date them. To hold me accountable, I actually included our blog addy on our family calling cards that I recently ordered. ---so if your new here, thanks for stopping by :)

I'd like to one day publish the blog into book form so that years from now, the kids can enjoy all the memories they made.  :)  So check back again. My goal is to blog weekly at first and then daily.

Oh and it's not "Love from Indiana" anymore... we actually relocated to Georgia this summer with David taking a job with a new company.  So far we're loving it!  Catch ya later. :)