Sunday, August 24, 2014

I met the cutest little Tiger Cub today

I met the cutest little Tiger Cub Scout today!

I met the cutest little Tiger Cub Scout today!  Paul Thomas is ready for his first meeting.

The uniform pants are size FOUR! And are the kind that zip off at the knee to convert into shorts... This is a pic of them as "shorts" lol

As a brother to two Girl Scout sisters, you can only imagine how much he's looked forward to this!

Monday, August 4, 2014

1st Day Back to School & We're Ready for the School Bus!

Today's the first day of school here in GA. Nora entering 5th and Olivia & PT starting 1st. This is the first year O&PT will be in separate classrooms.  They are all at the same locations as they were last year - however NEXT year the new school just across the street from our neighborhood entrance will be finished K-5 and the twins will be able to ride their bikes to school!  By then, Nora will headed to Middle School.  

David also headed out around the same time as the school bus was on the way.  He's headed to the plant in Baytown, Texas and hoping to meet up for supper one night with some ole friends he worked with at Firestone while he's there this time.  

As for me, I'm waiting on the plummer to show up today while I tackle some much needed paperwork here at the computer desk. Happy Back to school day kidos.  I CAN NOT wait to pick y'all up later and blow my Model A Ahooga horn my Daddy gave me for my birthday!! :) Eeeeek!!