Saturday, November 6, 2004

Sat, Nov 6, 2004

Saturday we took Nora to Sears to get her Christmas portraits made in her Christmas Dress. Of course when I bought her Christmas dress (two months ago) I was thinking ahead and since she will be 6 months old in December I bought her dress in 6-9 months and also cute little back paten leather shoes to match in size 3 that are for 6-9 months.

Well…. I had not thought of everything – such as – she would only be 4 months old when the Christmas pictures would be taken! Nora’s dress looked fine although the diaper cover looked more like pants on her and keep falling off so we just took them off. However what was so funny was her shoes! They were so big and would not stay on her! She kept kicking them off faster than we could blink!

However it didn't matter much because the photos we bought were pose 3 - a close up, and pose 5, which was taken really fast. You can view them - I have added them to the photo album section of the webpage. Sorry the pictures show up so dark, it is because they were copied off the sears preview page. The real ones will be much clearer.