Thursday, August 25, 2011


Take a look at waht a friend of mine posted from Texas - this is their 7 day forecast that was on the news last night!  Woah!  So sorry for the miserable week all of our friends are about to have.  People who don't live there really have no clue as to how hot and humid it really is. Really!  And there are no words to describe how bad it is mixed in with all the mosquitoes.   Two things I'm not gonna miss.

I've heard it said that SE Texas doesn't have all 4 seasons. I've lived there and it's true.

There's only 2 seasons each year.......- #1 Summer.....and #2 Almost Summer!

Please don't make a voo-do doll of me or anything, but I just checked our 7 day forecast for here - and the highs don't even break 90 until next Wednesday with a high of 91*.   *sigh*