Friday, August 29, 2008

Here we go again - activating storm plans and keeping an eye on Gustav

Why, someone please tell me again, why did we have to move to the gulf coast?? *sigh* Seems like there is a good chance we will have to evacuate over the weekend b/c of Gustav which as of today - they are expecting it to strengthen!

David is very busy at work activating storm plans and keeping in contact with city officials. He says they will announce tomorrow morning if there will be a mandatory evacuation or not.... be he wants me to be packed and ready to go the minute they say so.

Honestly the news pretty much turned my stomach yesterday when he told me very firmly he wants me to drive up to Mississippi with the kids - Oh the thought of it!!! So overwhelming!

For those of you who don't know - David's job roll puts him pretty much in charge at the plant for hurricanes... he and his team stay behind and protect the fort while everyone else leaves...

During Rita, Nora who was 15 months old and I left Texas and didn't return until 23 days later. In 2005, I packed up EVERYTHING - I'm talking every photo, every quilt, every everything I could never replace.

This time having the twins along and all their gear **and don't forget the dog too** I'll be doing good to remember the bare essentials this time! Plus I have to leave space in the van for a diaper changing area -I can't do it in public restrooms... well I guess I could since I'll also have to have space in the van for the double stroller.. One can sit in it while I change the other..

Problem is I only have one pack-n-play for sleeping... I'm thinking I will take a chance that perhaps when I get to where I'm going the couple will have friends with a baby and I can borrow their pack and play. worst case - I have to go buy one.

and where will we go? Nora's Godfather, Michale lives in Jackson Mississippi. He and Abbey have been so nice to welcome us in the past and I spoke with him on the phone last night concerning hurricane plans. Abbey's family is from Gulf Port... so depending on the path of the hurricane chances for a house full of guests is pretty good for them.

So for now, I better get off here and get busy. I have a lot to do even if I'm not taking everything. I plan to bag all photos and quilts up into large outdoor bags and then take them all upstairs to the guest bedroom. The only "things" I'm taking is the laptop and both of the towers to the old computers. They have all our digital photos stored on them. We still have not backed them up! I think they'll fit on the passengers side floorboard... and depending on how much room I have I may take a few quilts. The rest will have to stay here and I'll just have faith knowing that we do have insurance if we ever need it!

I'll check back in when I get to where I'm going - If I'm going... ;) So if you can say a prayer or two for me and my nerves... I have never traveled with 3 kids and a dog by myslef before!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daddy's story about Nora going to school.

Today and every day, I take Nora to school. She was such a big girl today. It was cute today and I called Bonnie to share. She thought that I should share it here.

First, we were running a little late; so Nora finished her breakfast milk in the car. When we turned on the street for the school. She said, "Oh, I need to finish my milk Dad." I have never seen her drink that fast. All I could see was the bottom of her cup. I could almost hear the milk coming out of the glass; she was drinking so fast. She said "finished" and dropped her cup where she was.

It gets better. When we get to school, she has unbuckled herself and she gives me a kiss and says bye Dad. As soon as the teacher opens the doors, she tells the teacher that she can do it herself and she know where to go. I laughed and so did the teacher. After the teacher got her safely on the sidewalk she let her go on her independent way. I watched as a 6 foot 8th grader opened the door to go in. He held the door for Nora and she froze. Another teacher noticed it and told "Ethan" to help Nora to the "Hornets nest". It is the place where the 4 year olds go in the morning.

It was cute watching my 4 year old Nora being led away by this 6 foot 8th grader. Nora is really growing. She has her own independence and personality. She is a real joy. We are truly blessed with 3 beautiful children. God is good.

David "Dad"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mail Call - Momma, there's a box at the door

I already knew there was a box on it's way form Kentucky... and had hoped for it to arrive by Saturday.. but it didn't arrive until Monday night just as we were pulling the pizza out of the oven. Which although we missed out on "the coupon" it actually turned out to be perfect timing! :)

When the UPS man rang the door bell, David and the kids went running to go get the door and that was a great distraction so I could open the oven and pull the pizza out without having to worry about the little ones getting too close.

Talk about motivation to eat supper... Nora was so anxious to find out what was inside. We told her it was from Mamaw and Papaw, something for her and the babies... but we can't open it until we're done eating. I don't think I've seen her chow down so fast!

As David was cutting around all the tape I called Dad and Clara on the phone so we could talk to them as we opened it up. We had a good little visit :) and although they couldn't see our faces "live as it was happening" - now thru the computer they can :) .....and Dad, now that you can finally see this photo below is just for you- this is what Olivia does when we point the phone at her when you talk to her - she gets SO EXCITED!!! however she gets pretty frustrated too, b/c we won't let her hold the "buttons"

I love blogging! and I love even more that our parents are now connected!!

Oh, and I will leave you with one last pic that I snapped real quick after the kids got out of the bath tonight. :) Two out of three have robes... but don't feel sorry for Olivia for not having one... she wouldn't keep it on and I'm pretty sure you could bet that no matter how tight you tied the belt she'd be able to strip it off in less than 7 seconds! :P


Can you BELIEVE it??? Nora smiles 99% of the time

Finally! Nora is actually posing, (standing still) and looking at my camera and SMILING! It's been years since I was able to take a photo so easily of her! Ever since she started walking - she's never had time for photos... I have more "back of the head" shots over the past 3 years than most people take in a lifetime.

She's improving and here's proof! Take a look below. Every day as she's ready to leave for school she stands by the door and SMILES for me to take her photo for PaPaw and MaMaw to see her on their computer :)

Monday (8/18) before School

Tuesday before School

and today (8/21) Wednesday before School
Today was as close as we have been to being SUPER late! Nora had a really hard time waking up this morning... and took super long getting ready... so there was no time to give her a "hairstyle" as she calls it. So at least it is pulled back out of her eyes... maybe tomorrow we will get going a little easier.
Actually, I'm surprised that despite all of our bickering back and forth to try and rush out the door - she actually remembered and said, "Maaaah-Mom, you had forgot to take my picture before I leave!" So I ran back in the house and grabbed the camera. I guess she thinks it's a must do before school thing and for now that is A-OK with me ;)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A quote from St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Everyday I get an email of the Saint of the Day. Today featured is St. Bernard of Clairvaux and it ended with a great Quote that I'd like to share with you.
“In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let
not her name depart from your lips, never suffer it to leave your heart. And
that you may more surely obtain the assistance of her prayer, neglect not to
walk in her footsteps. With her for guide, you shall never go astray; while
invoking her, you shall never lose heart; so long as she is in your mind, you
are safe from deception; while she holds your hand, you cannot fall; under her
protection you have nothing to fear; if she walks before you, you shall not grow
weary; if she shows you favor, you shall reach the goal” (St. Bernard).
What a great inspiration for difficult times and also int he common day-to-day times. Our Mother is with us all the time... what a true blessing that Jesus gave his mother to all of us!


Friday, August 15, 2008

"AGAIN, Can You Believe It?"

"Good Morning Momma, the sun is waking up!"

Those were the first words I heard this morning at 6:05 AM as Nora tapped me on my shoulder as I lay in bed snoozing. Although I wasn't quite ready to give up my dream land... it was a great way to start the day! She was in a great mood. :)

Getting ready was so much easier today. Perhaps Third Time is a Charm after all? :c)


Yesterday when I picked Nora up, I learned that she is THE ONLY kid in both preK/3 and preK/4 who goes only a half day. :(
There was another mom in a SUV in front of me while I waited and I had hoped that she was picking up her child who hopefully was not just in Nora's grade, but same classroom as well - that way she'd have a "buddy" or someone like her that leaves like she does... but no. :( Turns out that lady was here for something else...

So at 11:30 Nora walked out holding Dr. Droddy's (school principal) hand and she had a huge smile on her face when she saw me! :) Goooooood! I thought.

and Nora climbed up in the car proclaiming, "....and she told me I get to come back again TOMORROW Momma - tomorrow I can come back AGAIN, can you believe it!" :P

Perhaps Nora is gonna be the only one at home who will be sad to see the weekend arrive? LOL However, I think breakfast at IHOP and a couple Birthday parties we've been invited to will help distract her from the "no school today blues" :)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mom, I'm Ready for School Again! :)

Here's Nora ready for her 2nd day of school! Yesterday after she woke up from her nap around 4:30 -she got up and started getting dressed for school! She thought it was time to go again! LOL

So she instead laid out her clothes for today. This is what she choose. Cute, but I did notice that the dress is too short when she bends over... so this will be her first and last time to wear it. After I wash it, I will use a sharpie to mark the 4T size out and remark 3T so Olivia one day can wear it for a longer period before it becomes too short.

This morning, Nora asked me to "braid her hair and keep it long too" so I only braided the top. It's hard to keep out of her eyes these days, her hair is a lot like her Aunt Melanie's... so I was happy to try and pull it back like this. ;)

And don't you just love those little girl knobby knees! :) Boy she is growing up so fast! And in her purse were too books "My Little a Book" and another about animals..? I forget the name. However she left them on the bench at the table and forgot to take them today - so she'll have to take them tomorrow.

Well, I guess about now her Daddy is close to the school... if not dropping her off right now as I type :) *sigh*


Nora's First Day of School (preK/4)

Well, today was the BIG day that we have all been looking forward to... well maybe not the gettin' up early part ;P but all in all, we did pretty good this morning and we DID get there on time!

It helped that last night before bath, Nora laid out all of her clothes for today. No surprise that she choose this yellow shirt and blue shorts. Ever since I bought them along with a few other mix-n-match sets... these are the ONLY ones she wants to wear. ;P

We didn't have much time to spare, but she got dressed all by herself while I got Paul Thomas changed and then myself dressed.. after that she was ready to have her hair fixed. We made both braids on the first try! yeah! :P

Then the three of us went down to the kitchen leaving David to finish getting ready and then wake up Olivia and dress her and bring downstairs.

Nora didn't fuss at all about shoes to wear. I'm so glad I started telling her last week about how her princess crocks are not for school (against their dress code) whew...

However at the breakfast table there was a tiny tiny "issue." About what to eat or not eat. I popped in her favorite choice, waffles... and got started cutting up the apple slices... but then she protested saying she wasn't gonna eat anything!
"No, I don't want my chap stick to rub off! I'm not going to eat any-fang today!"

....b/c she didn't want to mess up her precess chap stick! ??#?#?? I told her that it was very important to eat so her brain would have enough energy, and to help her learn new things, and remember...

So I told her I'd call daddy upstairs and tell him to bring down the chap stick when he came so after she was done eating she could put it on again...

and she now agreed to eat something before school... only now she her mind was made up. She wanted "Aunt Nell's GREEN BEANS and CORN on the COV, vegetables from the garden!" She's really into learning all about the food groups and only wants the things that "comes from the garden" :c) Well, that is good Nora, but not for breakfast... now eat! :P

*sigh* :P you can tell from the photo she was too excited to stand still for the photo, or look at the camera, or sit in the chair to eat!

Nora rode with David in his car and I followed behind.... actually I think I was ahead in traffic... I just couldn't send them off and stay at home with the babies... what miss this?! Plus the fact that she had a lot to carry into school today b/c of the snacks and show-n-tell.

So while David was waiting their turn in the drop off carpool lane I got her out and took her pic in front of the sign, then stuck her back in the car and he pulled thru and dropped her off.... and the teachers took her to where she needs to go...

I found a parking spot and waited for David to come sit in the van with the babies while I took all the "snack and show-n-tell stuff" in....
On my way out, I saw thru the Gym doors so many parents in there with the kids... so I go in and they are in the middle of morning prayers... but I didn't see any of the preK kids (they're easy to spot b/c they don't wear uniforms yet) So I left out of that set of doors and walked down to the other end and there were all the PreK/3 and PreK/4 kids standing at the end of the gym floor.UunHa! I knew it, I'm just like all the other normal parents that "go in" on the first day...! Before I found Nora, the thought came over me that maybe she's scared or sad b/c she's the only one there without her momma... well when I located Nora, she totally gave me the brush off! LOL Yep, that's my girl! Little miss "I can do it all by myself, Independent Nora" :) She didn't want me to stand next to her and she wouldn't even look at me...

So I backed away and gave her the space she wanted and just enjoyed the opportunity to observe her as she said morning prayers with the rest of her classmates... then they found their teacher and went to their classroom.... and one by one came out to the hall and put their backpacks in their lockers.. so I was able to get a few photos. ;)

Nora's not in this above photo but I thought the chalk board doors were so cute. :)
After we left, I let David drive my van home with the babies, then I took his car to go to my Dr. I had a 2 hours blood sugar test done so we scheduled it for today... it wasn't too long after I got home that it was time to go pick up Nora.

Today was a half day for all the grades... so the pick up car pool line was crazy! We waited for what seemed like forever before we ever moved an inch. David was with me and he was getting all these ideas about how to make my mobile phone hook up to my laptop so that I could use the Internet while I waited if the future... all good ideas... but I don't think in the coming days it will be like this. Only on the special holidays when the whole school has half a day, b/c most of all the kids in the PreK program stay the full day at school...

...where as Nora and maybe a hand full of others, go home just before lunch time. It's double the tuition to send her a full day -and the only activities they do is lunch (in their classroom) then nap time, and after they wake up they play in the centers. Since I do not work, it doesn't make sense to pay for her to stay all day... I will be going to pick her up and have already been warned to, "Get ready, Mom... she is gonna be bawling and wanting to stay all day..."

So all last week, I had many "talks" with her about this... When I pick you up, if you are happy and smiling and had a great day then you can watch WordWorld and Superwhy at home... if not, no TV for you that day. We'll see how that goes tomorrow.

After lunch at McDonald's with Daddy... we came home and she went straight to her room to hide her happy meal toy in her "collection spot" in her closet and then got in her bed... and wet to sleep. She napped from 1:30 until about 4:30!

This is how I found her when I went up later to get the twins up from their naps. And speaking of the twins... Here was the most exciting moment of their afternoon :P Paul Thomas, as usual.. bulldozing over Olivia!

I know this was a rather long post... but it was a BIG day! :P


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Count Down until School Starts

This week is the final count down until school starts. Only ONE more day, as a matter of fact!! ;)

About a week or so ago, Nora helped me make a paper chain so that we could tear one off each day before school starts. I thought it would be fun to make and also help her understand just how long until school starts.

Honestly, it was not that helpful b/c she still thinks everyday that "tomorrow" will be school. :P

However, I think yesterday, she finally got it. I told her, "Today is Monday, we stay at home and do laundry day.... tomorrow, Tuesday, Diane comes to help mommy... and then the next day, Wednesday, is Nora's first day of school!"

I've been trying to prepare her mindset..."Daddy will take you to school in his car and Mommy will pick you up in her van."

We did get to go Sunday evening to "Meet the Teacher." Nora's teacher is Ms. Meaux (pronounced Moe) and she is very excited to have Nora in her classroom. This is Ms. Meaux's first year teaching and we were happy to learn that Ms. Meaux is a "lefty" - just like Nora! So that will be very helpful in refining Nora's writing skills. :)

Also Ms. Meaux asked us to bring the snack for the 1st day which also means to bring show-n-tell too. today she helped me make "Ants on Logs" (chocolate dipped raisins on pretzel sticks) and that was a lot of fun. Here are a few of them... we will also cut up apple slices and take too.

Sunday, when I asked what Nora wanted to think about bringing to show her new classmates, all she could come up with was, "I want to just show my teacher how I can run in circles!" :P

Ask a 4 year old... and you never know what you're gonna get! LOL But since Sunday, we have thought of a lot of "A" things... (since they will begin with letter A this week) and taking her Aquarium came close... but in the end she decided on her "talking America" puzzle. Every night at supper she has been practicing what she is gonna say...

  • Hi boys & girls, my name is Nora Anne..."
  • "This is the state that we live in, Texas"
  • "I was born in Georgia, and it is a peaches state.."
  • "My grandparents live in the bluegrass state, Kentucky"
  • "Michael & Abbey live in Mississippi's capital, Jackson, which is also my dog's name.."

...then maybe show them which is her favorite state... Wisconsin, or Arkansas.. depending on her mood :P and press the flag for the pledge of allegiance and then press Statue of Liberty to hear the song "America."

I know that's a lot to talk about... but she isn't shy... but, I'm reminding myself, she's only 4 which =s UNpredictable! so there is no telling what she will say or do tomorrow. If I hear any "interesting" reviews, I'll be sure and let you know. :P

So, preK/4... get ready 'cause here comes Nora Anne!!!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost Back to School Time.... and you know what that means?

Back to school shopping!

Not all states have a sales tax holiday, but for the past 5-6 years we have lived in states that do participate. When we were located in Augusta, GA right on the GA/SC state line a lot of my friends would get so excited when the two states assigned back to back weekends for their sales tax holidays and would make plans to go shopping both weekends in both states. Not me! I do NOT like shopping... and back then I had no kids to shop back to school for, although it was for nearly all people. I even knew of some people that bought computers during that weekend...

I have never enjoyed shopping for as long as I can remember, and for me it's almost worth the extra 8.25% (That's only $8.25 for each $100 spent) to avoid the huge crowds in all the stores!

However, last year was my first year to take advantage of this tax break and surprisingly most all of the stores were having HUGE sales in addition to the tax free. Door buster sales, to getcha' in the door and spend your money with them. Lucky us right?

I remember last summer at J.C. Penny's buying all of Nora's "big girl panties" b/c she had just finished up potty training. Can you believe that underwear is on the list? Me neither, but OK. So are swimsuits, so I found some on clearance for 75% off and bought matching ones for the following year for Olivia and Nora... We also bought several outfits for Nora as she would be starting preschool and they had great sales. David was along pushing the double stroller and feeling like the paparazzi was after him with all the women wanting to see the newborn twins and ask questions about them. I on the other hand nearly pretending to not even know him and used that time to look at the things on the racks. :P

To find out if your state or nearby state is participating and when CLICK HERE.

I hear that Louisiana has a weekend too -and although we do live right here on the state line, I will NOT be shopping two weekends...! So I'm gonna start now making my list so I can stick to it and get in and get out!

If I'm lucky David will go with me to watch the kids.

If I'm REAL LUCKY he will stay at home with all three of them and I can go all ALONE. Hey, that will make me almost invisible! :P Who knows, I may just have fun shopping after all? ....that is if I don't have to go into Walmart!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Upromise Update

Several of you are helping us save for college for the kids thru Upromise. It's really easy. Chances are if you shop at a store that has a key chain card such as Kroger or CVS... then all you have to do is give us the code on the backside under the bar code and we can get you signed up to help us out in saving for the kids' college!

For more information about Upromise click on the this link and check it out. You'll be surprised at how many manufactures participate in donating % of the sales to the account. For example: Kellogg's, Folgers, Pillsbury, Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin, Charmin, Hefty, Spray'n Wash.. those are just a few brands off the top of my head. And it's not just on groceries either..... online purchases.. and you often get a discounted price buying thru Upromise... check it out. ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. :)

However the propose of this post it to let those of you who help us know that I just got an email update saying that for a limited time we can earn extra bucks! Here is the current special:

Purchase any package of Hefty® OneZip® bags now through August 23, 2008 and save an additional $1.00 for college, that's on top of the usual 1% back!Hefty® OneZip® Freezer and Storage Bags Save an Extra $1.00 for College!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thank You MaMaw & PaPaw!!!

This post was drafted in June and I forgot to post it along with a few more..... I still wanted to share the photo with you. :) ~bonnie

Mail Call!!! Nora received her birthday card today (06/24/08) from Kentucky and it was "LOADED"!

"WOW!" she said. "A dollar for each year that I am in ages! and princess stickers too!!!" BONUS! :) Thank you MaMaw for the stickers. They will be used on the super sticker chart in my bathroom for after I potty! :P

~Nora Anne

Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally some Friday Photos

OK, so maybe I'm cheating a little here... or working smarter as I like to call it. :c) LOL

I'm a member of and find it very fast and easy to upload photo over, in attempt to save some time and avoid having to do double the work, I'm trying something out.

David's Aunt Beverly told me how to share a link here so that all you have to do is click on it and then you can see the photos I have already posted over there.

Click here to see ALBUM 1 of photos I took during our trip home to KY
(mostly photos taken on the road and at Bonnie's Dad's home)

Then come back and click here to see ALBUM 2 from KY
(mostly photos taken at MiMi's and G'ma Minor's and G'ma Sublets)

and finally ALBUM 3 of random Christmas photos from last year '07.
(Christmas in Texas with the kids!)

ENJOY! Hope everyone can view them. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know. ~bonnie

***I hope this works!***


PS - and for anyone who's been paying attention to my posting date/times recently..... no I am not already up at 7am... I've been drafting these at night and "Scheduling" these to appear on the day and time I select. Early around 7 for folks like my dad who likes to check his computer for any new "Bonnie Blogs" :) and for this one, since today is 08/08/08 I went ahead and selected 08:08 AM I just couldn't resist! I guess I will blame it on the inner "nerd" in me! LOL :P