Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally some Friday Photos

OK, so maybe I'm cheating a little here... or working smarter as I like to call it. :c) LOL

I'm a member of and find it very fast and easy to upload photo over, in attempt to save some time and avoid having to do double the work, I'm trying something out.

David's Aunt Beverly told me how to share a link here so that all you have to do is click on it and then you can see the photos I have already posted over there.

Click here to see ALBUM 1 of photos I took during our trip home to KY
(mostly photos taken on the road and at Bonnie's Dad's home)

Then come back and click here to see ALBUM 2 from KY
(mostly photos taken at MiMi's and G'ma Minor's and G'ma Sublets)

and finally ALBUM 3 of random Christmas photos from last year '07.
(Christmas in Texas with the kids!)

ENJOY! Hope everyone can view them. Feel free to leave a comment to let me know. ~bonnie

***I hope this works!***


PS - and for anyone who's been paying attention to my posting date/times recently..... no I am not already up at 7am... I've been drafting these at night and "Scheduling" these to appear on the day and time I select. Early around 7 for folks like my dad who likes to check his computer for any new "Bonnie Blogs" :) and for this one, since today is 08/08/08 I went ahead and selected 08:08 AM I just couldn't resist! I guess I will blame it on the inner "nerd" in me! LOL :P

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