Monday, December 17, 2012

Any tips for "slowing down" time??

Gosh, it sure seems that I've gotten behind in posting before and blogged about how I desired to be a more regular.  Truth is after so long, it just gets harder and harder to get back into the swing of it again.  The hope of one day "catching up", the guilt of not catching up... overwhelming.

The kids keep me running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  Tonight was our first try at "Family Fun Night" and Paul Thomas was a true Safety Manager's son... keepin' it safe as we played Jinga! :)

Until next time...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

Thinking of the many soldiers who make such great sacrifices for our country each and every day - and the families they leave here behind while they serve. 

Also thinking of ones that have given their life for our freedom.  Thank you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-or-tTreating in Indiana!

We've had some very COLD days already this fall... but as of this week, it's pretty nice outside. Cool, yet just right so that the kids can play outside with just a jacket on and not get too cold at all.   

Today after school they came home and played on the deck for about an hour with me.  Olivia and I kicked the soccer ball back and forth while Paul Thomas rode his trike.

He has never once complained that it's too girly - he doesn't care that it's pink and purple hand me down from Nora... He just loves to get on it and GOoooo!

"Hey!! Just don't kick the soccer ball in my path pweeese!!!!"  

 I think Olivia could kick the ball back and forth all day if I stayed outside with her.  They did soccer camp for a week last summer and I think by the next season they'll be ready to play on a team.   
So while I was playing with Olivia and taking photos of her at the same time, I look over my shoulder and this is what I saw happening....  Paul Thomas taking a "break" :/ on the hand rail!
We didn't wait for David to get home from work to go with us downtown for the Town's Trick-or-Treating.  I called him before I stated getting them dressed and he left work and met us downtown.

Do you even realize how hard it is to get them to pose for a photo??  They are excited, and can't stand still and it doesn't help that Paul Thomas has on a 4 foot wings attachment and keeps knocking his sisters...  I tried my best, and kept clicking.... and clicking...  Nora was very patient with the twins.


Here we are downtown.  They had about 3 or 4 blocks of the main street blocked off and it was one huge street party with all the businesses on both sides of the streets giving out candy to the kids!

Santa was even there and he and Paul Thomas Danced together in the street doing the "Cupid Shuffle"


And the kids had a BIG TIME playing with these!  
 There was a pirate boat (like a tailor/float attached to a pickup parked in the middle of the street)  The kids climbed it and slid down the slide dozens of times. 

And sitting all around were 5 gallon buckets of soap and sticks.  Have you ever seen those HUMONGOUS BUBBLES???  The ones that are about 4-6 feet big??  Well we got to try making some and it was one big wet mess, but fun!

Can you spot my 'lil gobblins??? 

Friday, June 8, 2012

A quick Birthday Quilt for Olivia

Here's what I've been busy with today. The twins turned 5 years old Monday - but the party/cookout isn't until this Saturday at my MIL's home.  So that gives me a few days to whip up a special gift from momma.... yep you guessed it! A Panda Bear quilt for Olivia!

So here's what the design wall looked like around 3:30pm today! This pattern is one that "Quilts for Kids" organization uses and it really goes together fast!  Only theirs is 5X6 rows and I wanted mine to be a little bigger so I made enough that it will be 6 blocks by 7 rows.  I don't want Olivia to outgrow it too soon!  Their pattern calls for a 3.5 outer border of the focus fabric, but I'll use a 6.5" size to grow it a bit more. :)  It's gonna look great!

Here's another of the same pattern and nearly at the same stage of completion done up in blue, green and yellow.  I loved that yellow fabric when I spotted it on the "Spot the Dot" sale at Hancock's.  It was 75% off and I'm kicking myself for not buying all that was left on that bolt!  As I would have loved to make this one another row wider and longer too, but couldn't.

And guess who wanted to race me upstairs?  PT is always shouting "ReadySETGO!!!" before I'm ready.  That little cheater, look at him with one foot already out the sewing room door!. lol

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meet my new Garbage Man

I'm so thankful that I happened to have my camera with me today and was able to take these first two photos. When we got home and I noticed Paul Thomas running out to the street as he *LOVES* to check the mailbox and I thought that was what he was up to - but today he did something new!
He tugged and pulled on the garbage can until he had rolled it all the way up the driveway and put it back into it's usual spot by the garage door!  I snapped a couple photos and even video taped him pulling b/c it was just so cute! and so surreal that he's growing up so fast!!  I asked him when he was done how he liked it - and he gave a thumbs up and a sideways thumb, b/c he liked that he was strong enough but didn't like that the can was smelly. I've never smelt anything when pulling up the can before. Funny! :P
Summer is suppose to be a time of relaxing, sleeping in, and just doin whatever you want when you want....right? Well not with my kidos! We had 1 week of lazy days of summer, then as of this week activities have started and been keeping us busy each day and night!  Nora's been going to "Safety Town USA" school for 2 hours each day and swim lessons each evening. She will "graduate" tomorrow night :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary to us!

15 years ago tonight, David and I said "I Do" to a life together as Man and Wife.  We choose 2/21 because both his mom's parents, and dad's parents (both sets of his grandparents) also married on February 21st :)

How can time pass so quickly??  How is it that I can remember so much from some of those years, and yet have ave no recollection to some of those years in-between???  I know that it was a long wait for us to become a family - 8 years waiting for our first baby and then, BAM within 3 years we had 3 kids!  Life since then has been so fun, and challenging at times, but so worth the wait!

I'm so thankful God choose David for me and the kids.  He is truly a great, great man!!  I love him so much.  Thanks David for putting up with me this long and being my best friend..... I hope we have many more years together! 

Wow - I had to log back in to edit this and share two more photos.  Just a few moments after I posted this, there was a knock at the front door....  Are you Mrs. Minor?? the girl asked.

Thanks to Olivia having my camera in her hands, you can see my reaction after bringing them into the living room and setting them down on the marble coffee table. ;)

Thank you David!!!  You totally caught me off guard and totally surprised me! I've forgotten how long it's been since I received roses, but the feeling is the same as I remember.... I'm a little bit giddy now :D  Thanks again honey.  I love you always too!


Will be away from the computer for a while

I've decided to give up using the computer for my leisure time during the 40 days of Lent starting on Ash Wednesday tomorrow.

I'm hopeful that this year's Lenten Journey will be one of the best yet. May each of you reading this also enjoy this time to prepare our hearts for Jesus this Easter. 

See you in April after Easter.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SNOW much fun on Valentine's Day 2012

Guess who's having SNOW much fun today on Valentine's???  It's been a very mild winter here in Indiana this year and today's the first big snow of the season.  These Texas kids are SO excited. Can you tell?
Paul Thomas
Who, just couldn't wait to start throwing snowballs at each other, and me!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!