Friday, June 8, 2012

A quick Birthday Quilt for Olivia

Here's what I've been busy with today. The twins turned 5 years old Monday - but the party/cookout isn't until this Saturday at my MIL's home.  So that gives me a few days to whip up a special gift from momma.... yep you guessed it! A Panda Bear quilt for Olivia!

So here's what the design wall looked like around 3:30pm today! This pattern is one that "Quilts for Kids" organization uses and it really goes together fast!  Only theirs is 5X6 rows and I wanted mine to be a little bigger so I made enough that it will be 6 blocks by 7 rows.  I don't want Olivia to outgrow it too soon!  Their pattern calls for a 3.5 outer border of the focus fabric, but I'll use a 6.5" size to grow it a bit more. :)  It's gonna look great!

Here's another of the same pattern and nearly at the same stage of completion done up in blue, green and yellow.  I loved that yellow fabric when I spotted it on the "Spot the Dot" sale at Hancock's.  It was 75% off and I'm kicking myself for not buying all that was left on that bolt!  As I would have loved to make this one another row wider and longer too, but couldn't.

And guess who wanted to race me upstairs?  PT is always shouting "ReadySETGO!!!" before I'm ready.  That little cheater, look at him with one foot already out the sewing room door!. lol

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