Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cajun Story of the Week 2/10/10

Joe Badeaux’s boy, “T-Not, wat is not so bright, drove from Abbeville to da big city of Lafayette to see da sights. Wen he drove down Ambassador Caffery he noticed a traffic camera flashed. He didn’t know why it took his picture, he knew for sure he wasn’t speeding. Jus to be sure he turned around, went back and passed da same spot, driving even slower. Again da camera flashed.

T-Not found dis strange so he slowed down some mo. Sure nuff, the camera flashed again. Da fourt’ and fift’ time, same results. He laughed as he passed at a snail’s pace, tinking how crazy dat is, taking pictures of somebody dats not speeding.

Two weeks later T-Not got five traffic fine letters in da mail for driving without his seat belt on.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's Go Get in the Car...

Does not mean the Barbie Jeep! :P I'm sure it's totally all my fault... I should be calling the van - the VAN instead of the CAR right?! :P

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cajun Stroy of the Week 2/24/10

Joe Premeaux tell his frien “Tee-Man’ Dartez, My old barn, it’s completely infested wit rat, big rats. I tried everything, me, and can’t got rid of dem.”

Tee-Man say, “Joe, I know xactly how to get rid of dem rats, you got to get you one of dem bull constriptons.”

“Wat’s dat?” Joe axed.

“Man, dats one of dem big snakes dat loves to eat rats and swaller dem whole.” Tee-Man answer.

Da next day Premeaux bougt da biggest bull constriper in da store. He turn dat snake loose in the middle of his barn and he sat dere and watched. He watch for a long time, nuttin happen. Dat big snake jus curled up and slept all day. He don’t move. Dem rats jus run all around. Premeaux him, got real frustrated and he call his frien, Tee-Man, “Dats some bad advice bout dat snake. Dem rats still run around and dat snake jus lay dere sleepin.”

Dartez say, “Joe, I know wat to do, give dat snake some Viagra.”

Premeaux say, “You crazy Cajun, not tell me wat good Viagra gonna do hanh?”

Dartez answer, “Me, I was jus listening to da radio and da man say dat Viagra is da best ting to use for a reptile dysfunction.”

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why is David playing with his drill?

Anyone want to guess why David has his drill out...

I should have taken a few photos of him without the car seat for this post.... that should be a very good clue... if not then this next photo will give it away for sure.

Today after picking up Nora from school - just as I was about to turn into our neighborhood - Nora yells out, "MOOOOM, it's an E-MER-gen-ceeeee Paul Thomas is Vom-MER-ing!!!!" :( Poor baby!

So when I got home, David was home for lunch and he took it all apart and used the water hose to spray it all out while I put the padding coverings into the washer. Then tonight when he got home from work he put it all back together.

Humm... reminds me of that little Wonder Pets jingle - "What's gonna work? Teeeeem work!" I'm hoping that Paul Thomas is feeling better tomorrow - he's had a rough day with 3 more Vom-MERs this afternoon after we got home. :(

Time OUT for Everyone!

I don't even remember why they were all THREE in trouble today but I do remember that I just happened to have my camera in pocket and they were sitting there looking all pitiful... Olivia couldn't look... and Nora made that sideways face on purpose when she saw my camera pointed at her and Paul Thomas well....he didn't even have the energy to cry if he had wanted to.... poor little man.

oh what a week it's been! Paul Thomas has been sick... nearly everyday out one end or the OTHER! :(

But sick or not sick, a momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do... just wish I could remember what exactly it was that they did. I'm guessing took all the sofa and love seat cushions out maybe? They don't do that very often nowadays but when they do - they ALL go to the bench in the foyer b/c no matter "who" did it - they all had fun with them.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Photo Day

Today was "Spring" photo day at Nora's school. Although we have had some days in the high 70's or low 80's here already this year - ever since that groundhog saw his shadow we have been waking up to hard frost on the ground and Brrr! temperatures in the morning!

They were allowed to wear something besides their school uniforms and so Nora was excited to wear this special dress that has been hanging in the back of her closet for a few years.

"GiGi" aka Godmommy Gayle bought this pretty pink dress for her with a couple other smocked dresses when she bought the twins a shower gift and I've been drooling over them often hoping for the day Nora could fit into this one! Pink is her favorite color don't ya know! ;)

Today while trying to take a few photos - it was so cold and windy, but Nora was a pretty good sport about it. I'm looking forward to seeing how the school photos turn out - b/c they had a green screen behind them so that the parents can choose from several backgrounds when ordering.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun night for Nora but a sad night for me

I tried to take lots of photos last night of Nora during her "LAST" class at TAG... but not even a dozen of them turned out. :/

I did however get a video of her on the short bar - she was the last to take a turn and it was the last thing they worked on in their class tonight. I'm really sad that gymnastics have come to an end b/c TAG is closing.

And here they are all lined up ready to receive their award stamps... on both feet ;) Sorry for the glare of the window.

Thank you Miss Stacey!! Nora has really enjoyed your class!

We're really going to miss our fun time with friends on Thursday nights!

Below is a photo of Nora & Carolyn. She's our neighbor just down the street and until this year we only saw each other on the rare occasions that we were all outside at the same time... but this year the girls have taken ballet class together - and then "unsigned up" so they could switch to taking gymnastics together.

Not sure when we will get to see Carolyn now that TAG is closed??

Paul Thomas's favorites

These are 3 of his most favorite things.... "little bear" his milk cup and his hideout...

and I'm sure I'm somewhere on his list of favorites too ;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who dat silly momma in the carpool line?

Often I try to show up a little early for the carpool line at Nora's school... and most times I either have a good book to read or a stitchery project but today we drove over following Story Time and all I had to entertain Olivia was my funny faces! :P What's not to love about peek-a-boo!?

But even Olivia was too drowsy to stay awake for my fun. This is typical for our Wednesdays since story time cuts into their nap times, but I really felt the need to switch to the afternoon class with the other moms that I knew.

oh and I forgot to tell you all - that I got my hair cut again! The back is all stacked up - or faded or what ever you call it. I'm sure it will never look as good as it does today so here are some photos I took today to share with my readers.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Chopping off over 12" in December was fun but now I feel stylish. No highlights for me - all my gray and white is Na-TURL-el! :) I've embraced my gray - or that is what I'm telling myself. Actually I'm just too cheap to have it colored :P

The last pic wasn't going to make the cut for blog worthy... but then I noticed my little boy snoozing behind me :) Awwwwwlll.

Well here's what happened when I rolled down the window to be ready and tell the teachers who I was here to pick up... see I told you it would never look good again!

Tonight is Nora's Last Night of Gymnastics

Booo Hoo! I'm so sad - tonight will be Nora's last time to go to Gymnastics b/c the local owner of TAG is closing down her business. We received the notification letter just 2 weeks ago. Here she is with her friend Shealy last week after class was over. They have become good friends and both love learning from Miss Stacey.

There are a few other options, but each gym requires travel to nearby towns... which with David's work schedule makes it near impossible at this time for Nora to enroll in another class at another gym. Maybe this summer we can work out another plan during the daytime hours?? We'll see.

Tonight I'll try and take a lot of photos for her scrapbook so she can look back and remember the fun she use to have at gymnastics.

Here is a link to a video I took last month in January when they had their first time flipping on the bars. I'm behind a glass window so you can not hear Nora.

and here is another video I took just last week of her again on the bars - this time - her first attempt at jumping from the low bar to the high bar.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At Home Tonight After Ash Wednesday Mass

After we got home tonight we let the twins have their milkshakes before going upstairs for bath/bed time.

We had already eaten supper before Nora went to CCD before Mass.

I had stopped by Kroger to pick up milk - and you know how that goes... a gallon of milk cost $35 b/c of a few other things you see between the refrigerated section and the check out.

Well the little stuffed animal Olivia is holding provided a ton of fun for entertainment in the kitchen tonight for David and the kids! ;) I hate to spoil the gift for Papaw & Mamaw but I think they'd be happy to know that the kids were thinking of them tonight as we played with their gift I bought for them! Maybe Daddy & Clara can view the video next time they visit Aunt Nell. ;)

Aren't all 3 of those photos above cute of Olivia? ;) It was hard to pick a winner. I love the 1st, but then the 2nd has Nora peeking in over my shoulder... and that 3rd is a hoot too b/c Olivia often gets cross eyed looking at things closely, including her own hair and curls. LOL

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone!

Cajun Story of the Week 2/17/2010

Kee-Kee Dupuis wanted a good store-bouth shave him, so he went to see his buddy, barber Ray Leleux. Kee-Kee sits in dat barber’s chair and while LuLu is foaming him up he mentions da problems he has getting a close shave around his cheeks.

LuLu tess him, “Kee-Kee, I’ve got jus da ting me.” He takes out a small wooden ball from a nearby drawer and say, “Kee-Kee, jus place dis ball between your cheek and gums.”

Kee-Kee him, he place dat ball in his bouth and LuLu precede wit da closest shave Kee-Kee has ever experienced him.

After a few strokes, Kee-Kee axe, “LuLu wat if I swallow dat ball, hanh?”

“Dat’s no problem,” LuLu answer, “Jus do like everyone else do, bring it back tomorrow.”

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent

Lent is unique in its dedication to the works of prayer,
fasting and alms giving as means of penance.

David has given up using tobacco, I've given up Facebook - both on the computer and checking from my cell phone... and Nora is "thinking about it" ;)

She's learned a lot about Lent from school and CCD Religious Ed as well as us talking at home about it. She suggested maybe she could give up getting candy at the grocery store, which I thought was a great idea for her to come up with all on her own.

Other ideas I suggested was she could give up dessert after supper, or ice cream, or using her Leapster2 that she got for Christmas... none of those ideas she liked so much.... and after thinking more about it doesn't like her original idea of no more candy from the grocery.

Instead she's considering giving up going to school or playing outside... LOL :P 5 year olds can be so funny!! :) We'll talk some more and see what we can decide for her to give up for Lent....

David and the kids and I will go to Ash Wednesday services following Nora's CCD tonight.