Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who dat silly momma in the carpool line?

Often I try to show up a little early for the carpool line at Nora's school... and most times I either have a good book to read or a stitchery project but today we drove over following Story Time and all I had to entertain Olivia was my funny faces! :P What's not to love about peek-a-boo!?

But even Olivia was too drowsy to stay awake for my fun. This is typical for our Wednesdays since story time cuts into their nap times, but I really felt the need to switch to the afternoon class with the other moms that I knew.

oh and I forgot to tell you all - that I got my hair cut again! The back is all stacked up - or faded or what ever you call it. I'm sure it will never look as good as it does today so here are some photos I took today to share with my readers.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Chopping off over 12" in December was fun but now I feel stylish. No highlights for me - all my gray and white is Na-TURL-el! :) I've embraced my gray - or that is what I'm telling myself. Actually I'm just too cheap to have it colored :P

The last pic wasn't going to make the cut for blog worthy... but then I noticed my little boy snoozing behind me :) Awwwwwlll.

Well here's what happened when I rolled down the window to be ready and tell the teachers who I was here to pick up... see I told you it would never look good again!

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Dee said...

Love this! I hate waiting in line...but I spend most of my life there! Looks like you had fun!