Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goodbye Old Dryer

Hum, they say bad things come in 3's... For January we... #1 had a tire blow out, #2 patio furniture stolen while away on vacation... and for #3 the Dryer is died last month.

Thankfully there was a sale going on at Sears and we were able to get another dryer close to the one we had only this new one is a little larger inside than my old one and also we opted to pay a little more for the gas hookup - which in the long run will save us money and also dry clothes in half the time! ;)

I'm loving the shine newness of it already!

I'm really thankful that we had the means to go out and get a replacement the same weekend... although we didn't have the extra cash on hand (uham, did you see that huge check I just recently wrote for the property taxes due in January??) I was however able to sign up for their 6 months 0% interest and purchase it on credit. I know it's not the Dave Ramsey thing to do - but paying it off will not be a problem for us.

David stayed home with the kids while I went to go shop... so I was the one to fill out the application...I don't even have a job! Don't ask me how that worked out but it did. :P

It is a blessing to have such great credit that I can do that in times like these. Many other people couldn't do the same. I'm so thankful I don't have to visit a laundry mat to do laundry! I can not imagine what it would be like now with 3 kids in tow.... I still have memories from 13 years ago when we were newlyweds and went - and they sometimes give me nightmares! LOL

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Leah S said...

I hear you on Murphy visiting! You probably remember that I had a tire blow out back in October. New tires, $1,000. I kept "meaning to" take my car in to be checked out. Finally did this week, and found out there's a $1300 repair waiting for us. :( And no, I can't avoid it for very long, it's fluids leaking onto my rear brakes - they'll go out in about a couple thousand miles. I'm giving myself 500 miles to save up for fix.

Here's to hoping for a break for both of us! :)