Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tonight is Nora's Last Night of Gymnastics

Booo Hoo! I'm so sad - tonight will be Nora's last time to go to Gymnastics b/c the local owner of TAG is closing down her business. We received the notification letter just 2 weeks ago. Here she is with her friend Shealy last week after class was over. They have become good friends and both love learning from Miss Stacey.

There are a few other options, but each gym requires travel to nearby towns... which with David's work schedule makes it near impossible at this time for Nora to enroll in another class at another gym. Maybe this summer we can work out another plan during the daytime hours?? We'll see.

Tonight I'll try and take a lot of photos for her scrapbook so she can look back and remember the fun she use to have at gymnastics.

Here is a link to a video I took last month in January when they had their first time flipping on the bars. I'm behind a glass window so you can not hear Nora.

and here is another video I took just last week of her again on the bars - this time - her first attempt at jumping from the low bar to the high bar.

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