Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ggoodbye Day

Today is Tuesday - which means back to school for Nora, back to work for David... and saying Bye-Bye to Mamaw & Papaw as they leave out just shortly after David and Nora.

We've had a great visit with them!!! And already looking forward to the next time we get to see them! Perhaps Easter???

And I'm gonna miss them too!! After David and Nora left there was no one to take our photo together so I paired up with each of them for an arm shot ;) Not bad ea?

They're leaving our house and headed to Daddy's sisters home in Gulfport, MS. Aunt Lucille will be happy to see them I know, b/c Daddy and Clara haven't been to see her in a few years.

And here are the kids shortly after we got home from picking up Nora from school. Yes Paul Thomas is wearing PJs... he HAS to change into them for nap time everyday, and today I had to wake them up to go pick up Nora so that's why he's seen sporting them. LOL :P at least today they are not pink! hahaha

I think Olivia is missing Papaw and Mamaw already, don't you?

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