Friday, February 23, 2007

Fri, Feb 23, 2007

Well, I just had to come share what happened this morning... I also called Clara and Daddy and told them about it ;)

I was at the computer and heard Nora start screaming and crying "Help, Ouchie, Ouchie, Help Meeeee!" so I take off runnign as fast as I could to the kitchen. (which hurts a lot for me to walk fast much less RUN!)

I get there and Nora is standing by her shopping cart and crying because her BABY DOLL is smashed up in the seat! She has a little baby in the seat and the big baby in the basket along with a Halloween Pumpkin full of Mardi Gras beads - which was too big and pushing the seat forward - smashing the baby doll up against the handle. I think to myself.... Good grief!

I ran for this?!?!?! So I pick up the pumpkin and fix it so it won't push the seat up and Nora tells me, "Thank you Momma, Her feels all better now. All better." ;c)

Fri, Feb 23, 2007

Kathy, Talking about "looking pregnant" I will scan a photo that Clara took of me while she and Dad were visiting that shows my belly ;) This was taken just a few weeks ago and I feel like I am much bigger now. ~B

Thu, Feb 22, 2007

Yeah!! Thankfully the website is uploading photos faster than usual! I added photos we took from January and February and sonograms tonight. :)

Enjoy! ~and be sure to leave a comment or sign the guestbook so we will know you stopped by.

Love from TX, Bonnie, David & Nora Anne

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thu, Feb 22, 2007

Well yesterday David and I celebrated 10 years since we said "I do" :) Many of you were there to share our special moment with us. We use to watch the video on our anniversary but we haven't done that in the past several years. maybe this weekend we will have time to sit down and watch it together.

Guess now we can't say we are "still newlyweds" LOL For the first 5 or 6 years when ever anyone would ask how long we had been married I would quickly say, "Oh, we are newlyweds!" not telling how many years in order to avoid the children question. People just were not very understanding to why a couple could be married so long and not have children. Once a lady who I didn't even know told me point blank - "Oh you are one of those types... You don't even want kids do you!" She had no idea how bad that hurt me.

Yesterday we had our monthly check up with Dr. Oliver. The twins are doing great! Both babies are measuring in the normal weight/size range as if they were a single pregnancy! That is music to my ears b/c I have been so worried that they will have low birth weights and may have to stay longer in the hospital than me... but as of right now all is looking great! :)

Baby A = the girl weighs 1 lb 1 oz.
Baby B = the boy weighs 1 lb even.

My doctor is hopeful that if baby A is the largest and head down that I will deliver naturally - however if baby B is the largest at the time of delivery, that will mean automatic C-section. Too early to tell yet.

Dr Oliver wants to refer me to a Dr in Houston for a higher quality sonogram soon. I am waiting to hear from then on when I am to go... but it will be in the next week or so. This is just a common procedure for her patients with multiples. I will keep you updated.

Nora and I have been attending a new play group. Several of our friends already are going with us too and it is fun to meet more moms and kids. Nora loves going to "Millie's house" her mom, Lisa hosts the meet up every other week. Millie has LOTS and LOTS of toys!!

Lisa actually kept Nora for me yesterday while I was at the Dr. and when I returned Nora's first words to me when she saw me was, "NO WAY MOMMY!!" with her hand in the stop position held up to me. Clearly she didn't want it to be time to go home. She and Millie had been playing outside on the trampoline, in the sand box, and on the swing set with slide and teeter-totter.

The only way I could convince her to leave was to tell her that Daddy was home waiting for her. (he took the rest of the day off work after the Dr.) Nora was a little more agreeable but still would have stayed longer at Millie's :c)

I added sonogram photos - they are not real clear but several of you have requested them. Hopefully the sonogram photos we get in Houston will be clearer! ;c)