Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

Yes, I realize I am late...... again! But I can swollow my pride and just deal with being late.... oh so very late! See, I actually mailed out our Chrismtas Cards ...(yeah, form 2007...four months ago...) the week of Easter! Yep, that is right -perhaps you even got one in the mail yourself? In the letter included with the Christmas photo I did leave out several things I later wish I had added... but did remember to include our blog address. ;) so all of you out-of-towners can keep up with our Minor Happenings :cP
I sent them off to a little more than 70 of our close family and friends. We have made some great friendships during our 11 years of marriage...(one of the things I forgot to mention in the letter - we had our 11th anniversary on Feb. 21st) and from our moving a dozen times spreading across 5 states! Which thru the great technology of the internet, we have been able to keep in touch with so many of you who we have moved away from!!! Thanks so much for keping in touch with us thru emails and sending photos back and forth! Well enough about all that - no one cares anymore! right? OR am I gonna be teased about this for the next 10 years from our fmaily in KY???? So be it if so, that was a great photo of the kids and I couldn't just toss them out b/c I was late in mailing them..... who knows if I will ever get Nora to look so perfectly at the camera ever again??? ... take a look below and you'll see what I am talking about.
she discovered that the egg shells were broken and couldn't stop pealing them! also look up at the very first photo in this post and you will see Olivia with a very orange smile... I didn't realize that she had a real egg... and she was very proud of licking it and getting the color all over her and her dress.

My Mother always use to say "Hindsight is 20/20" and boy was she right... see this great smile for Nora - one that is so hard to get these days... looking back on it now, instead of letting her go swing while we unloaded the babies and set up the tripod, I should have saved the swing to bribe Nora into smiling for the family photos... of course that wouldn't have worked either b/c she would have been pouting if not crying in the photos... LOL :P -I'm just glad I had the camera ready to capture this smile!!! :) Here are a few from that morning - the babies are more intrested in what Nora is doing and going thru than of what the Easter Bunny brought to them - see those toys only inches from their noses... they don't! LOL
Nora LOVES these Crayola® markers that only appear on the special paper and I love them even more!!!! We went to a Birthday party the day before and she gave a Car's set to her bestfriend and when he opened them, she told him, "Jed, these are so you don't have to interupt your mommy!" LOL his mom just had a new baby born 3/11/08 and I guess she overheard me talking about how these markers would be great for Jed, so that he'd have something to do while his mom nursed...
Yes this was first thing Easter morning, and she isn't wearing her PJ's b/c she immediately gets dressed into what ever is on top in her dresser drawer for the day - adn on Sunday's she can not understand why she can't wear this... I wonder if I stuffed a dress in the drawer on Saturday night, if that would work?? So that we don't have to go thru the ordeal of changing clothes before church each week?! LOL

and yes, I realize these are out of sequence just a bit -but they we all taken on the same day at least :c)

Oh and here we are at chruch - I realized for the first time tonight... when I was uploading these - that this is the SAME dress I have worn for Easter the last 3 years! yes, really! Well not for 2009... I guess ibetter begin looking now so that it doesn't sneak up on me. Ha!
We had a great day on Easter Sunday - and I am so glad I was able to capture some photos even if they are not the greatest... the one at church would have been great if Nora had participated... however she thought it was more fun to lay down in the pew behind us... so she isn't in it and we will remind her when she is older that it was "her choice." The darkhaired girl holding sleeping sister, is the deacon's daughter at church. Most Sundays she sits with us and helps hold the babies. She is an angel and we are so thankful for her help!!!!

The outdoor photos at the top were curtiousy of one of our neighbors... the week before I stopped in and asked them if we could use their azelas for photos and they were so kind and said sure, that they woudl be out of town but to make ourselves at home. So after church we went home, gathered up the rocking charis and a few props... and away we went. Maybe as we use the timer and tripod more often we will get better using it - or at least train the kids to look at the camera! ;c)

Well, unitl next time.... Love from Texas!

Edited to add - Hey, I was wrong... last year I did not wear the yellow dess! and I thought I'd add the photo to show you what our family looked like last year. I always like to look back and see how far we have come... ;)

and I think I can make a link here that will take you to our old webpage for more photos of last year at Easter... let's see if this works...? ;c) Easter was in April of last year... just 2 months before the babies arrived!