Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Fun and Life Long Memories Made!

While unpacking the suitcases I found some new items that came home with the kids. . These aren't the kind of things you find going home to Ky for holidays.... These treasures are perfect for remembering our family's first vacation.  

The smaller ones on the bottom row remind me of mermaid fingernails. ;)

We've traveled many times over the years going home to KY for the holidays and stayed with family.... but that doesn't count as a "real" vacation.  Oh we did once meet up with David who was traveling for work in Kemah, TX and stayed with him one night in the hotel and explored Kemah together. But our week in Florida was so fun and went much better than I hoped it would!  We spent several days with good friends from KY and made great memories.  

We even managed to make a short side trip to SeaWorld which the kids thought was SUPER FANTASTIC!.