Monday, May 31, 2010

Outside fun

Paul Thomas mowed some bubbles...

Olivia issued safety glasses to everyone... don't forget your protective eye ware!

Paul Thomas fell in love with a new "Blue's Clues" shirt... and Nora got to take her doll and stroller on a trip with Daddy to Home Depot...

little sister, got to do her favorite pastime outside - Robe-Ber-Skating! :)

Mmmm fruit drinks!

Hot & Humidity = MEGGA Curls for Olivia ;)

"Mmmuah" This smooch is for you Papaw!

taking a break to think about what to do next...

yeah, let's play fireman rescue... I'll be the fire woman and driver and Paul Thomas will pretend to be a Meowing Cat stuck on top of the truck!

"Meowwww" "Meeowwww"

Pete and repeat... what ever Nora does, Paul Thomas is right behind her doing the same. :P

Fun in the sun! We love Saturday!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Looks great!

David you did a great job last weekend. The new mulch makes out home look great!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congratulations Nora!

Last night we went to Nora's Kindergarten Class Graduation. All week I've been thinking I might loose it with the tears, but it was held in the small chapel on campus and with 20 students + 40 parents and probably over 40 more guests... brothers and sisters and grandparents it was too CROWDED and way TOO HOT that I don't think my body had the ability to cry b/c I was sweating so much. LOL

Mrs Thompson called up each child and talked about them before presenting them with their folder that had their Graduation Certificate and best art work of the year. She either told about what they were best in, or what she will always remember about them... and I did record on video while she was talking about Nora - it's uploading now to youTube when it's complete I'll come back and add it.

But what she mentioned about Nora was that she was a very good friend to the other students and that she gets the COMPUTER AWARD ;) because she does an excellent job navigating her way around the websites that they use in class.

Since day one - June 23, 2004 - Everyone has told me that the time will pass by fast... and wow they were so right!! Wow look at my pretty baby girl! ;)

Just last weekend at church the Mass was for the high school graduates and they all proceeded in with Father Tom wearing their graduation gowns... and I felt myself getting teary eyed! ??! and I don't know any of them personally - just the thought of Nora one day being old enough to graduate high school. :P What is wrong with me? haha

Above is Nora with her friend and classmate Montana before graduation began.

After the graduation there was a small reception in the cafeteria. Punch and Cookie Cake.

The best part in my opinion was THE COLD AC in there! Aaaah, it felt great to walk thru those doors - I think that I'll recommend that they hold Olivia & Paul Thomas' graduation in the cafeteria in a few years... more room for family and cooler!

These were on the tables in the cafeteria for each of the students. The Graduation Girl was colored by Nora in class and tied to it was a bag of candy and play dough. The rolled up thing on the left is a pillowcase that has blue and yellow hand prints of each of the students. 10 on one side and 10 on the other side. The card attached says:

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I count these hands instead of sheep. I'll dream of all the friends I made, and see them next year in FIRST grade!"

and look who got to wear the hat on the way home.... When I asked Olivia if she was proud of her big sister Nora she gave me this BIG smile! ;)


I'm sure you will do great in FIRST Grade next fall!

Memorial Day weekend 1991

This is what I'll try to think of and remember this weekend... Visits from my cousin 'Tilda and setting Daddy's tobacco. My momma took this photo of us just as we were getting started... good thing b/c after a few rows we had MUD covered hands and thighs....which was FUN!

Who knew in just 8 years from this photo Momma would be gone.

It doesn't seem like it's been so long, but 11 years ago today (5/27/99 also a Thursday) my mom died and we buried her on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend....

I'll never forget that day... we were living in Augusta at the time and I had come home form work having a great day - I leased 7 apartments that day... and when I got home David had got home at the same time too and the phone rang so he picked it up while I walked out to check the mailbox....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Only a few more days of school... then...

...then it will be Graduation time! Can you believe it??? Already?

Only a few more days for Nora - 3 as a matter of fact! ;) Here she is this morning with her shoe horn that MaMaw gave to her when we were home for Easter... it sure has made getting her Sketchers on MUCH easier! Thank you MaMaw! ;) The above smile is for you! ;)

Nora also brought home a lot of her school supplies last Friday. Her blue bag holds her coloring pencils - she calls it her "CUBBY" ;) Well after Nora was off to school and breakfast was eaten - the twins had fun coloring and playing..

Looks a little bit like the hat my Dad wore in the Army... don't cha think PaPaw?? :)

Looks like we need to work on SITTING in a seat when we color - after all they will start preschool next fall! *Gasp* Yep, it's true....