Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Nora had play date today with a little girl from her class. Lilly's mom picked her up after chruch today and they played for a few hours before I went to go pick her up and bring her home. :) She came home with all kinds of exciting stories ;)

Olivia and Paul Thomas loved laying down so I could draw their outlines on the driveway - isn't this a cute one - they were holding hands and laughing ;)

The most popular drawing request - Mommy make Mick Mouse!! ;)

Everyone - busy at work...

including David. Here he's on the phone with our HVAC guy who is giving him step by step instructions on what to try... the downstairs unit is not cooling :(

We discovered this yesterday after we got home from Flat Screen TV / furniture shopping all day. Good thing we needed to wait and take a few measurements of how tall our ceiling was before writing out the check - looks like the TV & furniture may get put on hold depending on the diagnosis of the AC...

which by the way we did measure and the cabinet I la,la,loved most is 9 inches TOO TALL :(

that stinks. b/c I was so in love with the red.

But I'm more in love with my kids... and hubby. ;) so I'll deal.

and guess what they love ... running barefoot! ;) I think they get that from me. :P

Mmmm - David, you didn't get the AC working so how about we use the grill instead of heating up the kitchen?! ;)

He also used the side burner to warm up some of Aunt Nell's Green beans - a favorite at this house! But while he was wrapping things up and bring everything into the house - the kids just could not wait....

so I gave them each a banana for their appetizer. :P

Aren't Paul Thomas' safety glasses just TOO TOOT!?! Love em!

and look a here - Mmmm! Rib-eyes!

Love them too! ;) Thanks for cooking supper David!

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