Monday, May 31, 2010

Outside fun

Paul Thomas mowed some bubbles...

Olivia issued safety glasses to everyone... don't forget your protective eye ware!

Paul Thomas fell in love with a new "Blue's Clues" shirt... and Nora got to take her doll and stroller on a trip with Daddy to Home Depot...

little sister, got to do her favorite pastime outside - Robe-Ber-Skating! :)

Mmmm fruit drinks!

Hot & Humidity = MEGGA Curls for Olivia ;)

"Mmmuah" This smooch is for you Papaw!

taking a break to think about what to do next...

yeah, let's play fireman rescue... I'll be the fire woman and driver and Paul Thomas will pretend to be a Meowing Cat stuck on top of the truck!

"Meowwww" "Meeowwww"

Pete and repeat... what ever Nora does, Paul Thomas is right behind her doing the same. :P

Fun in the sun! We love Saturday!!!

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