Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good info that I want to share

This picture captured on the back of a Marine's jeep is priceless and definitely a keep it goin' email!

I got this in an email from our cousin in Washington state and thought rather than email it, I'd share here. Also what a great time to remind all voters that we need to be active and start preparing now to educate ourselves so that we can make the best vote in November.

Have you heard of the AFA? American Family Association. They're great! I love to listen to their programs on the radio when I'm able to catch them.

Openly show your dissatisfaction with Congress and let others know that you are no longer going to sit by and do nothing.

In November, we will have the opportunity to let Washington, DC experience firsthand the will of the American electorate. In strong unity, we will remind ‘elected’ officials that their power is derived from the governed! That's us, WE THE PEOPLE!

American's are outraged by the abuse of power in Washington, DC, and we must keep the momentum going by letting others know there is something they can do about the mess in Washington.

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They also have Tea Party buttons and T-shirts and you can find more info HERE

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