Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2nd Day of Swim Lessons is a SUCCESS

"Hey Nora - are you ready for day 2!?" "CHECK!"

After Olivia's terrifying and horrible experience yesterday, we decided it would be best for her to sit in Simone's lap before lessons began..

Talking about SAFETY RULES before they begin.

OK, Time to get wet everyone!

Nora is so funny to watch do her bobs. Her little head was the first to pop up each time - b/c she wasn't going ALL the way under :P

The Twins were 2 of 3 toddlers. I really liked all the one-to-one instruction that they got during most of their lesson.

Paul Thomas - Let's see you KICK*KICK*KICK!

Good Job!

OK - Now it's 'Lavie's TURN.... Let's see you KICK*KICK*KICK!

and they were so funny to watch when it came time for jumping into the pool from the side. Paul Thomas would lay down while waiting for his turn b/c he was so cold out of the water.

Olivia on the other had was MORE than ready to take a JUMP! She would have jumped 100 times if they would have let her.

Selecting some pool toys. I forget what Paul Thomas choose but Olivia had a turtle squeeze toy that she used to put on the 2nd or 3rd step and would reach for encouraging them to put their face under water. It worked. They'd do anything for their toys!

I regret that I didn't take more photos of Nora today - but I was mainly focused on watching the twins - since yesterday (the 1st day) I had to spend the whole hour hiding behind their garage :( b/c Olivia was screaming her head off the whole time and crying. But not today - today she did very well with a new instructor. ;)

This was the only day that Nora's teacher had extra students. Two brothers had missed their hour yesterday and were makin it up today. For the rest of the week it was just her and one other boy.

Below - Paul Thomas & Olivia sat with their teacher and cheered on Nora as the 3rd toddler in their group was being instructed. :)

OK little guys - are you ready to show me how you can kick your legs!?

What a fun time for everyone :) It's gonna be a good week after all!

Mmmm and the best part - Freezer Pops! :) Everyday after class the homeowner treated the kids to their favorite color Popsicle.

Looking forward to tomorrow already!


Christine said...

Ohh... So Sweet... Its very nice to watch own kids swimming....

bingo~bonnie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our family blog! ;) I tried to send you a reply - but your email was set to NOREPLY so I'm hoping you will see it here.

One question - I noticed that your swimming was a link to California Swim Venture – how did you make it a link in your comment? I love that – and could use it myself when leaving other people comments…

And the site you linked to looks awesome – lots of opportunities where you live! We are a very small town and the local Red Cross did not have enough teachers this year so I was sad thinking we would not get to do swimming this summer but then a mom friend told me of a family that does private lessons at their home and has been for 10 years. It worked out wonderful for us.

My oldest – Nora who turns 6 this week is going again next week for a 2nd session b/c she did so well this year.

Love from Orange, TX!