Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Weekend 2010

We did NOT plan this photo - or to even take a family photo today - but were outside around 7:30 last night talking to the neighbors and I asked her if she'd use my camera to take a pic. I laid down in the grass and "naturally" all the kids came running over to sit on momma ;)

We weren't fixed up... but it's the REAL us - just how I'll remember us years and years from now. And I love that our Texas home is in the background ;) .... oh and PT had just pealed out of his soaking wet and filthy clothes and is sporting a pull-up...and Nora has her cicada she found sitting on her knee... so proud to show it off - Yep.. the REAL us! ;)

Nora found a skeleton of a cicada today.

We've had a great weekend and I'd love to show you more photos but for now, I need to take the cinnamon rolls out of the oven - we're serving David Breakfast in Bed this morning! ;) Have a great weekend!

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