Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wed, Nov 29, 2006

Not sure what you will notice first, the news announcement or the new photo of the TWINS we are expecting next June!!!

David and I had the pleasure of telling our families in person while we were home for Thanksgiving of our wonderful news.

It was so fun to see everyone's happiness for us in their faces when we told them that Nora was going to be a big sister soon... and then to hear their excitement in their voices when we told them T-W-I-N-S!

Our prayers have been answered once again and we are looking forward to our family growing. There are a lot of things to do to prepare - thankfully David's mom can use a bed at her home so when my Dad and Clara come for a visit next January they will take back the cherry bed set that was David's fathers when he was a boy.

It is a perfect solution for both us and Kathy! :) Well I gotta close for now - I have supper to fix. I will be posting some more photos soon of Nora. :)

Love from TX, David, Bonnie, Nora, the twins & Jackson

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fri, Nov 17, 2006

We are packed, ready and Kentucky bound!!! Tomorrow we fly out of Houston and into Nashville to go home to be with our families for the week of Thanksgiving!!! I think we will be there alost 10 days! Yeah!!!

I talked with my Daddy on the phone today and they are all ready for us - he has Nora's crib set up in her room already. I told him that this could be the last time he has to set it up b/c for Christmas Nora has asked Santa for a BIG girl bed.

Daddy also said for us to pack our sheep skin jackets b/c it is really cold in KY. I haven't worn a coat all year!! Guess we will have to get out our leather coats and brush the dust off them and take with us tomorrow.

Speaking of Santa - Nora and I got to talk with him today at the mall. We hadn't planned on going but at lunch time I was craving Arby's and the only Arby's I know of in TEXAS is in the Beaumont mall and we were in Beaumont.... so we went.

Santa wasn't busy at all with any photo taking and we were sitting a little ways from him but he started waving to Nora. She immediately put both hands over her eyes and would not look directly at him.

He then got up from his chair and stood by the railing of his front porch and was talking to us from a distance. She would peak between her fingers at him every little bit. hahah

Then he picked up a candy cane out of his basket and asked her if she liked candy. She unhid her face then and was smiling... he said she could have it but she would have to come get it - he couldn't throw across the flowers... so I didn't think she would do it but she did!

She held my hand and we walked around the flowers and to santa's house and down the walk to see him! I was expecting her to cry but she didn't!!! She wouldn't sit in his lap but she stood right in front of him the whole time looking at him. It was so cute!

He asked her what her name was and where she lived... then what she wanted for Christmas. We told him that since the kings gave baby Jesus 3 gifts we only wanted 3 gifts too. He thought that was a lovely idea.

Nora told him she wanted a waggon and a farm and then I had to tell him that she wanted a BIG girl bed as her third gift. ;) I didn't have my camera with me to get a photo and I wasn't about to pay the mall $30 for a package of her in a dirty shirt and pants and very messed up hair (she broke her hair clip in the car on the way) so we will have to go back another time for a photo when she looks cute. I can't believe you cant' get just a single photo anymore???

Well we will be back after the 27th so ta-ta for now. :) We CAN'T wait to see most of you in person and visit with you during Thanksgiving!!!!! And for those of you who we will not see, we wish you a happy day with your family!

Love from Texas, Bonnie, David & Nora