Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frustrating- a little bad news on our computer....

The photos added to keep your attention while reading this post were taken by the author with no real intention other than goofing off while on vacation and waiting for David and Nora to return for their trip to the Main Street Coffee Shop while I waited in the van with the sleeping babies.... little did I know then I would use them later on to express how i feel this week around here! LOL Enjoy!

It will come to no surprise that I am behind in blogging. *sigh* (I have photos from KY and story ideas for most everyday we were there for the week of 4th of July) - I am so far behind in everything I do as a Mom, that I almost feel like I'm going forwards! HA! LOL
But I need to let everyone know - especially the family in KY who just recently got computers (Dad & Clara, Gma Minor, Bary & Kathy) that there hasn't been much new to read or see because our computer is on the verge of retiring - or rather dying!
Good news is that as I get time to get on line and post and the computer cooperates, I will post here and there... and that lucky for me, this is my Birthday month, and we have been wanting a laptop for about a year now... so perhaps it is time to cash in and get one! (Not that I expect to see any cash...)
so until then, you may see some posts our of order by date... I may try to back date but the main page only shows 5 stories at a time so you may need to click on the older posts link at the very bottom of the page.
Sorry Dad to make you wear a walking path of so many trips out to the shop where your computer is, only to find the same ole same ole!! :P But if you are reading this - there's at least 2 more new stories below. :c) *yeah*

Love to everyone and thanks for sticking around while we wait on our new laptop from Dell. My Birthday isn't for another week (July 26th) so the big question is - will David let me open it early or not??? ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodbye and back again already

We got back from our 4th of July Kentucky vacation earlier of this week... and have been trying to recuperate and get back into the swing of things! Thankfully I have no vacation laundry to do, thanks to my superdooper step mom! :) Everything was ready to just be put back into the dressers/closets! What a wonderful thing!!!!

We took many, many photos 2GB worth for those of you who know what that means - don't ask me... LOL and I plan to start adding them soon so stay tuned. ;) I so wish I had a laptop and could have added them last week...

My birthday is later this month and I am really hoping to get a laptop computer. We've talked about it for a couple months now.... and after being gone on this last vacation it confirms that I really do need one! :) I could have kept my blog up to date with photos from the trip had I had one with me.

Oh how I wish I could freeze time and get everything done! Nora has a swim/birthday party to go to tomorrow... so I hope that doesn't take up our whole Saturday. I have a feeling it will, as David loves to go to IHOP on Saturday mornings...

Well gotta run for now. Babies are awake from their nap.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Super Duper Pooper Strikes Again

July 10, 2008
Last night the 9th – the Super Duper Pooper strikes again!!! This time it was Paul Thomas right in the middle of supper, of all times!!! Imagine that! We're talking total blow OUT!

I’ll spare you the grossum details and show you the cleanest of the photos! LOL :P

David had to give Paul Thomas a shower before his bedtime bath!
And just so sister doesn't get left out - here is a cute one I took of her as I was drying her off on the changing table last night :)

Always something adventurous happening around here! Today it just happened to be PT's poop! LOL


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mail Call - Birthday Box for Nora

Nora News 7/9/08
Today when we got home the mail man had left a big brown box at the garage door. I get so much mail with my quilting swaps I host each month that normally Nora never has a reason to get excited thinking it is a gift for her - but today it was! A Birthday Box from Mississippi!!! from Michael & Abbey! :c)

After I opened the brown box, I sat the gift bag out on the table and before she ever looked inside to open up the gift she pulled out her Author Stationary Set and began making her Thank You Card to Michael and Abbey. She traced the outlines of the shape template on the back side of the paper...

Then after she was done, it was time for a peak inside to see what the gift was!

ooough... a Webkinz Cat! We've never done the Webkinz dolls before, and don't know much about them yet - other than you can go online and play games with them...? I bet we will be finding out all about them soon! ;)

ooough! Look at this new book! PERFECT for any preschooler learning to write!!! It has a "magic" wipe off marker and many hard board pages of tracing and writing exercises and games (mazes and dot-to-dots) and although Nora already can write all of her ABC's, she hasn't mastered writing numbers yet so this will be a big help! What a perfect gift! and perfect for the car, Church, doctors office.... did I mention that this is a perfect gift yet??!!?!?! :c)
Thanks Abbey and Michael!!! You should receive your TY card in a couple of days. I wrote what Nora dictated to me on the other side of her drawing :)

Nora couldn't read the words on the card, but she knew which name was Abbey and which was Michael :)