Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodbye and back again already

We got back from our 4th of July Kentucky vacation earlier of this week... and have been trying to recuperate and get back into the swing of things! Thankfully I have no vacation laundry to do, thanks to my superdooper step mom! :) Everything was ready to just be put back into the dressers/closets! What a wonderful thing!!!!

We took many, many photos 2GB worth for those of you who know what that means - don't ask me... LOL and I plan to start adding them soon so stay tuned. ;) I so wish I had a laptop and could have added them last week...

My birthday is later this month and I am really hoping to get a laptop computer. We've talked about it for a couple months now.... and after being gone on this last vacation it confirms that I really do need one! :) I could have kept my blog up to date with photos from the trip had I had one with me.

Oh how I wish I could freeze time and get everything done! Nora has a swim/birthday party to go to tomorrow... so I hope that doesn't take up our whole Saturday. I have a feeling it will, as David loves to go to IHOP on Saturday mornings...

Well gotta run for now. Babies are awake from their nap.


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