Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mail Call - Birthday Box for Nora

Nora News 7/9/08
Today when we got home the mail man had left a big brown box at the garage door. I get so much mail with my quilting swaps I host each month that normally Nora never has a reason to get excited thinking it is a gift for her - but today it was! A Birthday Box from Mississippi!!! from Michael & Abbey! :c)

After I opened the brown box, I sat the gift bag out on the table and before she ever looked inside to open up the gift she pulled out her Author Stationary Set and began making her Thank You Card to Michael and Abbey. She traced the outlines of the shape template on the back side of the paper...

Then after she was done, it was time for a peak inside to see what the gift was!

ooough... a Webkinz Cat! We've never done the Webkinz dolls before, and don't know much about them yet - other than you can go online and play games with them...? I bet we will be finding out all about them soon! ;)

ooough! Look at this new book! PERFECT for any preschooler learning to write!!! It has a "magic" wipe off marker and many hard board pages of tracing and writing exercises and games (mazes and dot-to-dots) and although Nora already can write all of her ABC's, she hasn't mastered writing numbers yet so this will be a big help! What a perfect gift! and perfect for the car, Church, doctors office.... did I mention that this is a perfect gift yet??!!?!?! :c)
Thanks Abbey and Michael!!! You should receive your TY card in a couple of days. I wrote what Nora dictated to me on the other side of her drawing :)

Nora couldn't read the words on the card, but she knew which name was Abbey and which was Michael :)

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