Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nora's 4th Birthday Slide Show

Well, there were many more photos than this - but these are the best ones that highlight the day. A great time was had by all and even Jackson and the babies got to explore the big jumper after all the Birthday guests had gone home. :) Enjoy!

The slide show will also be saved in the side bar under Nora's photo for a while...
Left to right starting with the kids closest to the table:
Carolyn, Jade, Bowman, Jed with his arm stretched out covering up his brother Eli, Millie directly behind juice box, Hannah, Lora Lee, Nora, Tanner, and John Paul who is not looking ;P
Big people holding kids, from Left to Right:
Diane holding Olivia, Cidny holding Paul Thomas and on the far right, Megan holding Cameron
Oh and I almost forgot to name two others!
Dead center of photo - girl in mint green, Caitlyn and boy beside her holding up balloons, JJ


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