Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wed, Jun 7, 2006

So much to be thankful for - I had to share the photo I took of Nora asleep recently with all of you. It is posted at the top of her home page. Everytime I look at her sleeping rather for a nap or at bedtime, I stop and say a simple prayer, "Thank you Lord for this precious gift! I am so greatful you made me her Mommy!"

David and I wanted to have a child for many years before we were blessed with Nora. Although our wanting a child was great, we had no idea just how happy we would really be as parents! Or how much closer the whole process brought us to our Heavenly Father. Nora has brought us more joy and happiness than we ever dreamed!

We have been trying for a second child. We want so badly for Nora to have the gift of being a sister. After several months, no luck... so this month David and I will be seeing a reproduction specialist from Houston that comes to Beaumont each month. I don't know how all of this will work out b/c yesterday I just found out taht David's insurance pays everything for the 1st initial visit (my apt is next week) but that after the 1st visit nothing else is covered. NOTHING....

With Nora after 10 months of various treatments - the injections I used to get pregnant were retail $1500/cycle and I had to use them twice. Thankfully at that time I had AWESOME insurance coverage and only had my $40 copay for the medication each time.

We can't worry with how, but just have faith that God WILL! As He always Does! God has given us more than enough in so many ways.

So if you could, please keep David and I in your prayers in the coming months as we go thru this time. It isn't easy. Thanks. ~Bonnie

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