Friday, June 13, 2008

June 4th - The Twins Turned One Year Old

Edited to add - I started on this over two weeks ago... and each time I am working on uploading photos, I get interrupted. (usually PT crying and afterwards I don't come back downstair for the night...) Sorry it has taken me so long to share Birthday photos! I'll also add a slide show on the sidebar.

Thursday, I held play group at our home. It was a combined play group for the kids to play in the water and swing set outside while the mamma's enjoyed a Pampered Chef catalog show at the same time. :)

Prior to the party, I didn't tell anyone there would also be a Birthday celebration in addition to the Pampered Chef & Play Group - after all the twins do not *need* any gifts.... but following the eating of the PC food - we all sang the Happy Birthday Song and ate Birthday Cake for dessert! :P Look at all of these kids around my kitchen table - and I can think of 6 more kids that were here that day but for one reason or another not in the photo!!! That's 23 kids!!! wow!

My friend Cathi knew about my belated birthday plan, and was involved in the cake making! Didn't she do an EXCELLENT job!!! I was so pleased. I knew she would do a great job, but she exceeded my expectations! Thank You Cathi! :c)It was her idea to make little baby cakes for each twin to play in. Didn't Elmo and Cookie Monster turn out great!?! Cathi is so creative and comes up with the neatest cakes! If you are new to our blog, you should click on this link and take a look at the cake she made for my baby shower a year ago. We keep telling her she should start a home business... OK, first things first - Paul Thomas pulls the plate away and cookie monster comes a tumbling down!
Olivia gets an eye to eye look at her Elmo and then decides to poke his eye! ( that is what she has been practicing for all this time as she pokes mine and David's eyes all the time??)

Big sister helps out. Nora really thought it was fun to watch the babies make such a mess!
and thanks Melanie for taking photos to capture the moment!! Look I even got to be in a few! (please excuse the no makeup look - Nora & I had swim lessons only a hour before everyone arrived) Here is Paul Thomas getting his hands dirty...
and Olivia takes a taste - look at those *sweet* lips!
not sure if he likes it or not???Olivia has already licked her fingers several times, but is so neat in eating her cake!!! Proof once again - just how opposite they really are!Some were better at mess making than others....PAUL THOMAS! :P

It's hard to tell from the photos but Olivia really did enjoy her cake. She took at least 5-6 small bites of it from my fork.... and stayed nice and clean the whole time.... ...where as brother - wellll.... he didn't eat much of his cake, but wore it instead! :cP

It was fun to watch and we are so happy so many friends could be here to enjoy it too! I'm making a slide show and will post on the side bar of more photos from the Twins' 1st Birthday! Enjoy!

David, Bonnie, Nora, Olivia & Paul Thomas

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