Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News Flash

OhMYGOODNESSICANNOTBELIEVEIT....OK, slow down a bit and type so people can read it Bonnie ;)

I can not believe it - but all THREE kids are asleep!!! Napping at the same time, I tell ya! and here is the proof!!

(note: in case you haven't read previous post, the camera is broken and I have no idea what the pics I'm taking look like until I see them on the computer. So let's take a look together.)
Nora asleep in the den
Olivia who finally tuckered out and gave up after crying and laying her head over on my leg while I was nursing Paul Thomas.

and here's Paul Thomas who was so miserable, runny supper snotty nose and so sleepy but couldn't' settle down... needed nursing.

So what did I do after taking photos?? Called our favorite Mexican restaurant and made an order for pick up and then called David and told him to stop by on the way home. We had already planned to go there tonight, but why wake up the kids?!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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Mikol said...

They are all so cute! Don't you just love when you get a few minutes of quiet time? You can take a deep breath and just clear your head for a second. I love how they are all on the floor. It reminds me of some pics I have of my kids sleeping where they 'land.'