Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday at Home Depot

Summer has arrived EARLY here in Texas!!! For over a month or more, it's been HOT everyday!!! Spring came and went and we never got around to planing any flowers to brighten up our landscape -so we thought this weekend would be a great opportunity to work on that.

Here's a before photo of our home - lots of green... needs some COLORS! So off to Home Depot we go. David is 100% in charge of plants this year - as I always get to the store and begin picking everything I like then get home and have no plan as to where to plant everything to make it look right. :P
Here we are getting buckled in the cart and race car buggy. To make room in the van for all the stuff we planned to purchase we left the double stroller at home. The babies didn't seem to mind at all and loved their new rides!
I love this photo of the girls looking at each other and smiling. (oh how neat it is to say "the girls" I am so glad they have each other as sisters.... ahhhh...)
and look who shortly after, lost his driving privileges... no matter how tight we made the seat belt in the car, he kept finding a way to wiggle out and stand up. So he and Olivia had to make a switch. This strap held his little bee-hinny down and he stayed put! ;)

Oh, and guess what Nora's favorite part of the day was???? The Home Depot Garden - SPRINKLERS!!! Since it was nearly closing time on Sunday afternoon, and hardly any other customers there, I let her get soaked. She had the best time splashing, jumping and singing... and don't tell anyone, but I secretly wished I could have joined her! It was so HOT.... (aaahhh, I guess this was one of those "live it thru your kids" type moments... my first that I know of.)

and the babies could not take their eyes off of big sister! They just had to watch and see what she was gonna do next! That silly goose Nora! ;)

Poor Olivia never likes it when it is time to get back into her car seat... and mean-ole-momma didn't make it any better when she stuck her camera in her face while already protesting and crying... I just wanted to get a photo of her new tooth coming in - on her right bottom... it's easier to see while she is already crying. ;)

When we got home and opened the back hatch to get out all the flowers and stuff... look at what we saw.... two little tired cutie pies! And I don't know if you can see or not, but Paul Thomas' eyes are cracked open - the same way David often snoozes!

........and stay tuned for an "after" photo of the house after we get everything planed.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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Leah S said...

Nora has the right idea! I'm too old to be running through sprinklers... but I did enjoy my chilly shower tonight. ;)