Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday - What a great Family Day!

On Saturday, 6/21/08, we had Nora Anne's 4th Birthday Party here at home with about 20 of her friends. I have not had time to make a descriptive post yet with all the photos... but wanted to go ahead and share with you this priceless photo of our family! I am so thrilled to capture a true Nora smile - these so rarely show up in photos these days. ;c)

We're counting down the days until we leave on vacation to Kentucky to visit our families. (Only 3 more days as a matter of fact!!!)

We plan to leave Friday after work.... so I better get back to "preparing to pack" aka doing laundry! I hope to share a slide show soon from the party last weekend... maybe tonight after the babies are in bed. ~bonnie

Edited to add: OK, I guess I better make a confession - I'm guilty of backdating! LOL The wordless Wednesday post below was really posted last night sometime after midnight... and I back dated it. :P Those were the only good photos left on the old camera and I wanted to share them... Also I thought Dad and Clara would enjoy seeing the sailor dress :)

David, Bonnie, Nora, Olivia & Paul Thomas


Leah S said...

I must confess that I got a giggle out of Nora's finger position. Oops! :D But her smile sure does look a lot like her dad's!

bingo~bonnie said...

That's funny that you noticed that Leah!!! A wasp sting on that finger just about 20 minuites before the pic. We had made a backing soda paste and put on it and she carried it spointing the rest of the day. :P

I clicked on the pic and made it larger and you can see the sting mark but the backin soda paste has fallen off.

Thanks for visiting my blog and also for leaving a comment! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

The Nikkels said...

Love the family picture! I know we don't have many of all of us together, as I'm usually the one behind the camera. so those family pictures are treasured, ESPECIALLY when they are great!!!!

i hope your have a fun trip back visiting family and that your kiddos travel well for ya!!!

you and your backdating.. i keep thinking i'm losing my marbles, but its just you playing with my head!! :)