Friday, February 27, 2009

An update on Nora's eye infection

Today Nora was being silly with her stickers and actually asked me to take her photo. I figured sure why not? and actually it was a great way to get her to BE STILL so I could take a photo without the flash.

I just love how the natural light looks so much better than flash photos but unless the person is STILL they always turn out blurry... so I don't get to do that often as my kids never like to be still. But today Nora did good.

So anyway, I thought I'd share here so you could get an update on her eye. It's looking better and better each day.

and she does NOT like the eye drops and really gives us a hard time about putting them in .. but I learned yesterday - that if I roll play like I'm the doctor and let her climb up on my examining table (kitchen table) that she plays right along and doesn't cry, squirm, or scream!
Whoo hoo! Why didn't I think of this sooner?? Of course this takes a little longer b/c I have to listen to her heart, take her temperature, and blood pressure and then look in her ears, mouth and eyes... hahah but it works! ;)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Making the best of Four hours waiting in the Dr's office

Nora and I spent ALL morning in the doctor's office today We got there at 8:40am and didn't leave until after 12:00 NOON!

NOTE TO SELF: Never attempt to see the Dr. during "walk in hours on a MONDAY ever again if I can avoid it. Call and make an appointment.

The good news is, I had my redwork project with me and both Nora and I got a lot accomplished while waiting... I finished bock 3 "Endless Project Ideas" of the Quilters Blessings BOM and Nora completed 8 or 9 pages of artwork while we waited. ;)
The doctor said her eye was NOT pink eye... but an infection indeed... He gave her Amoxicillin and eye drops to take 3x/day for 5 days. He says she can return to school on Wednesday.... and if either of the babies start to have the same eye goop, to just call and say "Nora spilled the drops" and he'll write me a prescription for more drops, so that I don't have to come back in.

This was her eye tonight. Sorry for the messy face. The photo was taken while at the supper table. I had a closeup one that I took from my cell phone but it was blury.

Thankfully David was able to leave work and meet us at the Dr's office and trade vehicles and take the twins back home. They did not need to be there in that SICK-O waiting room!!! and of course I bribed Nora and told her to sit RIGHT by me and not move (as people are called back the benches open up and she's so tempted to move seats and stretch out) I told her about germs and it was obvious there were some REALLY sick kids.. and Nora noticed that.
So bribing her for a milkshake from Dairy Queen was just the trick ;) she stayed RIGHT by me and hopefully didn't catch any other germs.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Valentine's

Oh I forgot to show you what David and I gave the kids... of course along with some candy and cookies that they each love ;)

and also the twins recived Valentine's cards from MeMaw Sublett, although I still think of her as Grandma Reliford... she's still a newlywed ;) They arrived Monday.
Did you notice Nora's eye.. it looks so bad. Guess where we went today? The doctor :(

Also cards arrived from Mamaw & Papaw in Kentucky. (with coupons wich I love to get!)

Here's Nora & Olivia's Card. Sorry for the messy faces. We were still eating supper when they opened them.

The babies loved opening their cards too. They are really good at ripping up paper!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Special Delivery!

Today after school Cathi picked up Nora and took her home for a play date. She got to play with her friends Natalie and Hannah T. I'm sure they had tons of fun! and I really appreciate the play date set up this week so that I didn't have to worry with going to pick up Nora from school. I'm still not ready to pick up and load the twins in their car seats since my surgery.

Hannah’s Nanna, Ms. Dianna, brought Nora home for me and also a special Delivery from Cathi.
Our Girl Scout Cookies are here and a very special Birthday invitation! Isn’t this so cute???!

Cathi is so creative and not just with her drawing but her wording too! It read:

Climb aboard the Axiom! Our course is set for Earth; estimated time of
arrival: 2-4pm, Starolate 2-21-2809

Operation Celebrate John Paul’s 6th Birthday!

Directive: Collect “treasures”, deliver planets to the captain, help put Wall-E back together, do the roque robot “Halt”, get rid of “foreign contaminants”

Please notify the captain of intent (phone number)

Saturday will be David and mine’s 12the Wedding Anniversary ;) and I think this party will be a fun way to celebrate – after all for 7 of these 12 years… we went to MANY Birthday parties of our friends kids and I usually left in tears!!! It was a horrible experience each time, b/c David and I had wanted children so bad, and spent many years trying and praying for a child… and parents of the party goers who didn’t know us would ask which kids were ours or if we had kids there, and when I said no… then they’d ask how long we had been married… and then respond with one of the rudest comments, “OH you’re one of those who don’t want kids”

If they had only known! It’s sad but true - People criticize what they don’t understand…

But thankfully those are just memories of the PAST now! :) and I'll never make the mistake of telling anyone else something so hurtful.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Garage Sale - Come to my Garage Sale

Today, Nora was playing out side as she loves to do. This time she pulled out a huge beach towel and placed her items for sale on it - she was hosting a garage sale for "things I don't need anymore." She was shouting, "Garage Sale - Come to my Garage Sale!!"

David was home from work today (President's Day) and even went out to her garage sale. Only he didn't find any bargins... everything he choose to purchase was $44.00 LOL *Each*

after she was done playing she found the big watering can and brought it inside begging me to fill it up... and b/c I know how much she loves to use it - in the past I've filled it up a dozen times for her to play... and yesterday I knew that I didn't feel like it (still sore where the stitches are)... so I told her, "I'm only filling it up ONCE then you're DONE, OK?" - OK...

So she pulled up a chair and helped fill the water into it at the kitchen sink. Only when it was full, it was TOO HEAVY for me to lift up out of the sink without hurting. I couldn't even pick it up a little to pour some out. :( I apparently did not think ahead.
I told her to wait until Daddy came downstairs (he was on the phone with work) but she didn't want Daddy to see or know about it b/c she was planning a surprise for him....and while she was disappointed she understood about my stitches.

and you know what the best part of it was.... for the first time in AGES... she actually looked up at me and gave me a REAL SMILE! This photo is one in a million! *really*

I love my Nora! She really has a kind, caring, and generous heart, and I pray that everyone who knows her will know her well enough to appreciate that.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paul Thomas' Valentine's

I don't have as many photos to share of Paul Thomas - b/c he was already out of his booster chair and movin and groovin and it's really hard to get him to be still!

But he also had a Valentine's card to open from MiMi today.

Here he is opening his envelope and card from MiMi ;)

It didn't have a coloring outline but Ii let him use a crayon to mark on it some... only he was more interested in SUCKING on it like a cigarette... and sadly that reminds me that when I was a kid - we use to "Play" and use crayons as if they were our "smokes" - sad but true.

Actually, in these photos little brother was COLORING ON NORA'S page and she was NOT happy about it when she discovered it! Nora tired and tried to use her eraser but it didn't work :(

aaawwwlll and one last photo of Paul Thomas taken on Valentine's Day -a Kiss for Daddy! Mmmm-wha!

Nora's Valentine's

Yesterday when I checked the mail box... or last night around midnight actually... that's when I thought to go out there b/c we had been home all day and it was raining on and off... anyway, when I went the mail box was full of "GOOD STUFF" - cards and packages! :) whoo hoo!

so I saved the Valentine Cards and packages for the kids to open this morning.. and when we sat down to make sticky buns Nora opened the card from MiMi (David's mom) first.

She mailed her a tri-fold card with a coloring outline on the back! and Nora got busy coloring.

Nora was very careful to refer to the front side often - as they were her "directions" as she called them. LOL :)And the fun didn't stop there!

......Nora also had mail to open from Abey & Michael in Jackson, MS. ;)

Ta-Da! It's a wooden paper-doll like doll with markers! Cool!

she was saying, "Quick mom get my crafting sissors, I can't open this package!" First things first - the Hair! ;)

and here she is huggin her completed art work... ;)
and then I remind her... I can't see the doll turn it around please... :)
Thank you for the Valentines and fun stuff in the mail!!! Mimi and Abbey!!!
add 015 from 2/15/09

Imagination Movers

On Saturday's we watch the Disney Channel - only on the weekends so it's a real special treat for all of us... even David... take a look. :P The music you hear in the background is from our favorite show "Imagination Movers" a new group of guys (replacements really of the Wiggles) on the Disney Channel.

Maybe David missed his calling...

NO, his calling was to be a DAD and he's the best! ;) Isn't he a fun Daddy... dancing with the kids. He even gave Olivia a spin or two. :) I love it! and I love that my kids will have some great memories of Dancing with Daddy....around and around....

Olivia's Valentine's

Olivia received a Valentine also from MiMi ;)

ooough pretty!

and LOOK - a coloring page on the back just like Nora's card! ;)

These were taken a little later in the day after she was dressed ;) Isn't her headband wih the bow cute? ;) Sorry for the messy shirt.. guess this was taken way laer in the day - as in after lunch.

My favorite photo was when Nora gave "her sweetie" a Valentine's kiss ;) awwww! I'm so jealous of them... they have one another as a sister! :)