Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nora's Valentine's

Yesterday when I checked the mail box... or last night around midnight actually... that's when I thought to go out there b/c we had been home all day and it was raining on and off... anyway, when I went the mail box was full of "GOOD STUFF" - cards and packages! :) whoo hoo!

so I saved the Valentine Cards and packages for the kids to open this morning.. and when we sat down to make sticky buns Nora opened the card from MiMi (David's mom) first.

She mailed her a tri-fold card with a coloring outline on the back! and Nora got busy coloring.

Nora was very careful to refer to the front side often - as they were her "directions" as she called them. LOL :)And the fun didn't stop there!

......Nora also had mail to open from Abey & Michael in Jackson, MS. ;)

Ta-Da! It's a wooden paper-doll like doll with markers! Cool!

she was saying, "Quick mom get my crafting sissors, I can't open this package!" First things first - the Hair! ;)

and here she is huggin her completed art work... ;)
and then I remind her... I can't see the doll turn it around please... :)
Thank you for the Valentines and fun stuff in the mail!!! Mimi and Abbey!!!
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