Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Come on Down the weather is great!

actually hold off on visiting a few days or so.. at least until our current guests leave... and we're not trying to rush them.... After all they JUST got here. ;)

Daddy and Clara arrived here today around 4pm our time and it was 70* when they stepped out of their truck. :) They really feel like they are on vacation now with the heat.. b/c today back in KY their town received 4" of snow and felt like 8*

They've come every year at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb since they married in 2006. They call it their anniversary trip :)

I'm not sure how long they are here for - Daddy doesn't usually like to stay very long as he begins to worry about his cows getting out after the 3rd day or so -but maybe, just maybe they'll stay until the snow in KY melts away! ;)

no seriously... this year they postponed the anniversary trip a few days so they could arrive in time to be my kido helpers while I have my reduction surgery Thursday (Feb. 5th).

Tomorrow we'll make a trip to Walmart while Nora is at school.. then pick her up and have lunch.. then spend the rest of the day here at the house.....Daddy, Clara and I really make a great laundry team. LOL Clara keeps the machines going.. then she and I fold it up all the while Daddy is watching CNN and The Weather Channel at the kitchen table just itching for the last piece to be folded so he can carry it upstairs :) for me. Isn't' that grrrrrrREAT!?

Who knows I just may be able to get a few of my "Daddy Do's" scratched off of my list while he is here.... like the curved shower curtain bar... that I bought last May...

I'm really thankful they arrived a day or so early so they can learn the babies routine and also where to go pick up Nora from school... I won't find out if I'm staying over night for my surgery until after the surgery is over and how I'm doing... the nurse said it's about 50/50 so bring an overnight bag just in case.

I'm sure David will keep our family and close friends updated on my progress. :) and as soon as I'm back home and feeling up to it - I'll let you know (here) how I'm feeling.

for now... I'm just a little nervous....and still can't believe that it's FINALLY happening! ;)


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