Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Special Delivery!

Today after school Cathi picked up Nora and took her home for a play date. She got to play with her friends Natalie and Hannah T. I'm sure they had tons of fun! and I really appreciate the play date set up this week so that I didn't have to worry with going to pick up Nora from school. I'm still not ready to pick up and load the twins in their car seats since my surgery.

Hannah’s Nanna, Ms. Dianna, brought Nora home for me and also a special Delivery from Cathi.
Our Girl Scout Cookies are here and a very special Birthday invitation! Isn’t this so cute???!

Cathi is so creative and not just with her drawing but her wording too! It read:

Climb aboard the Axiom! Our course is set for Earth; estimated time of
arrival: 2-4pm, Starolate 2-21-2809

Operation Celebrate John Paul’s 6th Birthday!

Directive: Collect “treasures”, deliver planets to the captain, help put Wall-E back together, do the roque robot “Halt”, get rid of “foreign contaminants”

Please notify the captain of intent (phone number)

Saturday will be David and mine’s 12the Wedding Anniversary ;) and I think this party will be a fun way to celebrate – after all for 7 of these 12 years… we went to MANY Birthday parties of our friends kids and I usually left in tears!!! It was a horrible experience each time, b/c David and I had wanted children so bad, and spent many years trying and praying for a child… and parents of the party goers who didn’t know us would ask which kids were ours or if we had kids there, and when I said no… then they’d ask how long we had been married… and then respond with one of the rudest comments, “OH you’re one of those who don’t want kids”

If they had only known! It’s sad but true - People criticize what they don’t understand…

But thankfully those are just memories of the PAST now! :) and I'll never make the mistake of telling anyone else something so hurtful.


everythingquilts said...

I enjoyed reading all your post. Your children are as lucky to have you as a mommy as you are to have them. God has blessed you dearly, but I know you don't need me to tell you that. I feel it in every post you write. Donna

Kevin & Tiffany Daniels said...

Hi Bonnie. I noticed your note on my blog. Its great to know there are some other young quilters out there. And, how cool that you are in Orange. We are not too far away in Lumberton. You have a nice looking family. I look forward to getting to know you more online.