Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things I love..

David and I both like to use Facebook and about 2 weeks ago there was a thing being pssed around called "25 random things about me." We both participated and it was fun to read comemnts that our friends left and also in turn read their 25 things.

Well I got to thinking... since it is February - and Valentines month, *the month of L-O-V-E*... why not do the same thing only this time one liners that begin with “I love” ?

So it didn't take me long to come up with my list -and I could probably do up another 25 (and I might) so here is a cut and past of what I shared with my Facebook friends today. ;) Enjoy!

Ok so here goes…I love......
  1. I love being a mommy! I’m forever grateful to God for including this job in his plan for my life.
  2. I love how Olivia say “ought-OH” so sweet… she has just a soft voice.
  3. I love picking Nora up from school every day.
  4. I love that I remember so much of my childhood and all the fun I had.
  5. I love making quilts & hand stitchery.
  6. I love it when I’m in another room and I hear David laughing out loud at the TV.
  7. I love the way my babies look at me.
  8. I love it when Paul Thomas plays Peek-a-Boo.
  9. I love watching Olivia hold her baby doll.
  10. I love reading books to the kids…and the nights when Nora reads to me!
  11. I love bath time routine with the kids every night.
  12. I love watching the twins climb the stairs!! Yea, I don’t have to carry them up as often now.
  13. I love blogging about my family.
  14. I love when David plays with the kids.
  15. I love Paul Thomas’ laugh.
  16. I love hearing Nora sing “Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord….I want to see you….”
  17. I love how Paul Thomas calls everyone Momma, but me he calls “MawMAE!”
  18. I love it when I hear David say my name… it’s a rare moment.
  19. I love doing the HAPPY song after Nora eats all of her food.
  20. I love listening to Nora play with her doll house – what an imagination.
  21. I love Olivia’s curly hair.
  22. I love kisses at bed time – thru the crib rails…mmmmuuuuahh!
  23. I love when I’m holding the twins and they both hug my neck.
  24. I love having a husband that is such a great father and is so fun!
  25. I la,la,LOVE playing in the floor with the kids!! My favorite time each day.

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bingo~bonnie said...

oh and I forgot to add this one - but I LOVE that Paul Thomas NOW sleeps ALL night!!!!

For the first 13 months of his life he never slept over 3 hours... having his adenoids removed was the best thing evah!