Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paul Thomas' Valentine's

I don't have as many photos to share of Paul Thomas - b/c he was already out of his booster chair and movin and groovin and it's really hard to get him to be still!

But he also had a Valentine's card to open from MiMi today.

Here he is opening his envelope and card from MiMi ;)

It didn't have a coloring outline but Ii let him use a crayon to mark on it some... only he was more interested in SUCKING on it like a cigarette... and sadly that reminds me that when I was a kid - we use to "Play" and use crayons as if they were our "smokes" - sad but true.

Actually, in these photos little brother was COLORING ON NORA'S page and she was NOT happy about it when she discovered it! Nora tired and tried to use her eraser but it didn't work :(

aaawwwlll and one last photo of Paul Thomas taken on Valentine's Day -a Kiss for Daddy! Mmmm-wha!

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