Friday, February 13, 2009

The NEW ME!!!

I worte this post on the 12th of February but forgot to hit publish. So I'm rerunning it agin in case you missed it. Sorry for my error.
(This is me excited about going to my appointment... in the van)
I went for my 1 week post opp. appointment today and got the super TIGHT bandage cut off and man, did that ever make a word of a difference!!! I can BREATH again!
Breath with me...IN...........
hold a second or two
and slowly let it out......
That felt good didn't it? Well it did for me :) Did I mention that the bandage I had wore a week was SOOO TIGHT?!!?? LOL
I was so relieved when he cut that down my back and off! After he cut that bandage off today and after I came home and even tonight, I feel like a WHOLE NEW WOMAN! :)
Dr. Beckert confirmed that he removed just at 6 POUNDS! And that all tissue came back normal from the lab. He also fitted me in my new sports bra which he wants me to wear another 5 weeks… and guess what – it was a size Medium! I haven’t worn a medium since I’ve been old enough to buy my own clothes. So yes, you can imagine how great I feel now. :)

His orders were to not shower for another 2 weeks... I can take a bath though but keep the breasts dry - and after 5 weeks go BRA shopping! :) whoo hoo!!! He even was quite knowledgeable about which stores were the best to go to - He had great things to say about JC Penny's and Dillard's ;)

Taken after coming out of my appointment. See the new me! :)

Thanks everyone for your prayers! I actually received lots of prayers and emails too from the St Francis ACTS group off list and it gave me a lot of peace knowing that a lot of them had gone through or knew someone who did and knew what I was getting ready to go through.

My dad and step mom (Ollie & Clara) have been here just over a week – and are leaving tomorrow morning (Fri) to go back to KY. They are very anxious to return home, as this is the longest they’ve ever been gone. I’d love for them to stay through the weekend and enjoy our Mardi Gras festivities…

but they want to get back to KY. Thankfully Nora is off school tomorrow so I’ll have no need to leave the house or “LIFT” babies into car seats.... and then David will be with me during the weekend and he’s off work Monday, so that should be helpful to give me some more healing time.

Also prayers for my parents driving back to KY would be appreciated…I’m a little nervous about them driving on Friday the 13th Last year when they drove back tornado followed them through each town it seamed… thankfully they were able to stay ahead of the storm the whole way and made it back safe.

… and I’m still not ready for *Hugs* or lifting or holding my twins during mass… but I am doing great.

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