Monday, February 16, 2009

Garage Sale - Come to my Garage Sale

Today, Nora was playing out side as she loves to do. This time she pulled out a huge beach towel and placed her items for sale on it - she was hosting a garage sale for "things I don't need anymore." She was shouting, "Garage Sale - Come to my Garage Sale!!"

David was home from work today (President's Day) and even went out to her garage sale. Only he didn't find any bargins... everything he choose to purchase was $44.00 LOL *Each*

after she was done playing she found the big watering can and brought it inside begging me to fill it up... and b/c I know how much she loves to use it - in the past I've filled it up a dozen times for her to play... and yesterday I knew that I didn't feel like it (still sore where the stitches are)... so I told her, "I'm only filling it up ONCE then you're DONE, OK?" - OK...

So she pulled up a chair and helped fill the water into it at the kitchen sink. Only when it was full, it was TOO HEAVY for me to lift up out of the sink without hurting. I couldn't even pick it up a little to pour some out. :( I apparently did not think ahead.
I told her to wait until Daddy came downstairs (he was on the phone with work) but she didn't want Daddy to see or know about it b/c she was planning a surprise for him....and while she was disappointed she understood about my stitches.

and you know what the best part of it was.... for the first time in AGES... she actually looked up at me and gave me a REAL SMILE! This photo is one in a million! *really*

I love my Nora! She really has a kind, caring, and generous heart, and I pray that everyone who knows her will know her well enough to appreciate that.

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