Sunday, October 31, 2004

Sun, Oct 31, 2004

Trick-or-Treat!!! :) Nora spent her 1st Halloween in Savnnah with her friends Tyler and Tanner also known as Spiderman and Batman.

David and Jay took the kids out first while Tricia and I stayed at home to hand out candy. After they made their round we did a switch off and Tricia and I took the kids out agian.

Nora received 3 treats. A box of rasins, a pack on M&M's and a Rice Krispy Treat! :)

Next year us girls will play it smart and go out with the kids first. We had to learn by experience that the kids' treat bags would become too full and too heavy to carry and then also the boys woluld beg to be carried too!

Hey I thought Superheros were suppose to be able to pick us up! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wed, Oct 27, 2004

Nora's 1st Playdate! Last month I joined a group called MOPS – Mothers of Preschools. Yesterday, Jenna, my small group leader had us over to her home for a Pumpkin Painting Day with our children. Of course Nora didn’t do any painting but it was fun to go and be around all the other moms and children. I am uploading photos and they can be found in the photo album section. Also I am including a couple of photos David and I took of Nora by her pumpkin before it was painted.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thu, Oct 21, 2004

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" BIG NEWS!!! Nora is cutting her 1st tooth!

Who would have thought that I would have so many announcements this week, but I had to come post this right away!

Today as I was burpin Nora and she grabbed my finger and pulled it into her mouth. She loves to do that now. I was massaging her gums and felt something. I got her under the light real good and opened her up and there it is her bottom right tooth peaking thru the gum! It has just started to come thru. Keep checking back we will keep you posted :-) -Bonnie

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Wed, Oct 20, 2004

Nora has an announcement to make!!!

For the very 1st time ever, she slept in her own bedroom last night!

I put her down around 7:00pm after her bath time and she didn't make a peep until 4:30am. I heard her on the monitor and went flying across to the other end of the house to her room.

I resisted picking her up as everyone has warned me. Instead I softly spoke to her and rubbed her back until she went back to sleep. I then set there in the glider in her room for another 15 minutes just in case to see if she was going to stay asleep or wake back up.

She slept until 6:30am! I am so proud of her! She slept in her big bed for the 1st time!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thu, Oct 14, 2004

Our home has been blessed! Tonight Father Martino (the priest who baptized Nora) came to eat dinner with us. I made my all-famous “Cheeseburger Twist" recipe for him. He had 2nds and even 3rds. I knew it would be a big hit however, I don’t think he cared too much for my side dishes.

After dinner, he conducted a blessing ceremony where he went around to every room of our home and blessed each room with holy water. He spent extra time blessing Nora’s room and giving up prayers of thanksgiving for her life. It was a very special moment.

Then he said special prayers over all of our Holy objects such as all of our Bibles, Rosaries, Crucifixes and even our statues of Saint Mary and Saint Frances that are outside our front door. It was a very special night, one that will always be remembered.

David and I love our beautiful home that the Lord has given to us. It is more than we ever dreamed we would have. God has blessed us so generously over the years and we are so grateful for His gifts. If we ever do move again, next time we will not wait so long before having our priest over to bless it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tue, Oct 12, 2004

New Discovery!! Nora discovered both of her little hands this morning.

About a week ago she "noticed them" for a quick moment but today she really go aquatinted with her new play toys. She lay there and looked at them and opened up her little fingers and looked at each one. (Almost as if she was counting her fingers.)

She would look up at me as if to say, "Do you see this?" and then look back at her hands with a surprise expression on her face like "Wow, they are still there!" She was so fascinated and spent 20 minutes getting to know her new play toys! She talked to them and smiled at them. It was too cute!

It is hard to believe that she went that long looking at them with out putting them in her mouth! Until now she has constantly had her little fingers in her mouth pulling on her gums. Sometimes both hands and it looks like she is trying to whistle. I will have to get a picture of that sometime.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sun, Oct 10, 2004

New Pictures!! I did get the new baptism photos up on line and also prictures of Nora's visit to Monsanto. However, they are not appearing as the latest added photo albums. Instead they are randomly put among the others. I have contacted the webmaster of to - hopefully they can help me fix this. Just wanted to post a message here so you will know they are there but you will have to really look as they are mixed in.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Tue, Oct 5, 2004

Things are getting back to normal. Recently I spent a week working part time to train my replacement. Miss Annette and Miss Ginny took turns keeping Nora for me while I went into work every afternoon.

Nora did great and although for me it was hard at first, I did pretty well too. It was fun to go back to work but I missed my baby girl!

Getting back into my daily routines, this week I have been playing catch up. Laundry, grocery shopping, and more laundry! I promise by the end of this week I will have the photos from Nora's Baptism up on the page!