Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our FIRST Family Vacation!

Yep, that’s right, after 10 years of marriage (3 years as parents) we are finally going on our first EVER family vacation! Of course we have traveled with our 3 year old many times… both car and plane but does it really count as vacation if the end destination every time is to our parent’s homes?

This week, we’ll be visiting our best “Couple” friends who live in Savannah, GA. It’s been 2.5 years since we seen them. We first met J&T just after we married and moved to GA the first time in 1998. W-O-W we have almost known them for TEN years and through several moves of both them and us – well, more us moving than them… we have remained in touch and friends!!! (Thank you internet and free cell phone long distance!!!) :P

We choose the week of Halloween to visit with them because ever since their boys were born, David and I have always been right there in the-smack-dab-middle-of-every-major-holiday at their home!!! For many years before we had kids, we had “nephews”!! We’ve even been known to listen for the phone to ring early Christmas morning to get the “come quick alert” and we jump up and go in our PJ’s to see the kids as they explored and discovered what Santa had left for them! Those were some of the good ‘ole days for sure! Of course, that was when each of us lived in connecting neighborhoods and we could get there in less than 2 minutes!

After we had Knucklehead, we even spent our first family Halloween with them at their new home just after they had moved to Savannah. So this year being the twins’ “first” Halloween, I cant’ think of anywhere else I rather be! We’re looking forward to meeting our 3rd nephew who turned 1 in May this year and they can’t wait to meet Milk Man and Stretchy Sister!

So, I’ll be back in a week – until then… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Love from Savannah, Georgia! :)

Above photo of Knucklehead today at her Preschool Class’ Costume Party. She got the Coolest Costume Award! :P ..... and then these two cutie-pies were just too "Toot!"

Saturday, October 13, 2007

post something from over the weekend

Here are some photos taken over the weekend of the kids and also of some gently used shoes that I found each priced under $3/pair!!!

Love from Texas!! ~bonnie

Thursday, October 11, 2007

4 months already???

Today the babies had their 4 month check up. In the photo above I didn't notice until just now that they are holding each other's hands - as if to say, "We can be brave together for our shots!" ;)

Baby girl, who we are still calling STRETCH - weighed 11 pounds 2.5 ounces. Her head measured 38 cm and when placed on the exam table stretched out for her measuring which was so cute.... she is 22 and 3/4" long.

Baby Boy, who we are still calling MILK MAN - weighed 11 pounds 14.5 ounces which surprised us b/c to us he feel much more heavier than sister... but the scales were in ballance and that's what they said... however they measure them naked and I noticed he had a very full diaper when I took it off so he was "empty" in my opinion and that is what made the difference. LOL :) His head was also 38 cm but appears larger when you look at him... and he measured to be a quarter inch shorter than sister - 22 and 1/2" long.

Has it been 4 months already?? Gosh time really flies when you are trying to convince yourself that you are having fun! LOL

Although those first 6 weeks were KILLER and actually the first 3 months were the hardest of my mommy career - it has actually improved and not so hard now.

But magicly it seems, things got a little easier around the third month, and as a result life has become more fun. The babies smile all the time and so cheerful. Both of them are really good at rolling over which big sister loves b/c that means they are down on the floor more now and she loves to lay with them and read books to them.

The Mondello Family made the twins both matching blankets with fish on them - they are really colorful. At first we were using on e downstairs in the computer room so they could have tummy time by me at the computer and one in Knukelhead's room b/c she likes to pretend we are at Story time while I read books to her...

Anyway, Big Sister also likes to pretend that that the fish blanket is the ocean and that the twins are turtles (since their heads sort of look turtleish sticking up....) which all this pretending is cute and all.... except for when she wants to remove the table part off of her kitchen set that Isabella gave her and turn it upside down and ride on it b/c it is her "Surf Board!"

And try convincing a 3 year old not to do it on the blanket where the babies are and here is the logic you will get...

"No the carpet part is not the ocean!"

"Knukelhead you can't ride the table upside down on the blanket - that is too close to the babies and I don't want you to tip it over and fall and fall on them. You are TOO Close."

"MOMMA, I can't ride my Surf Board on the sand... put the babies on the sand..." :P

....(rolleyes)....haaaa....deep breath - "OK, but they have to lay on a blanket so they don't get sand all in their hands" (aka hair and other gross stuff that you don't see hidden in carpet)

so I go get a quilt my mother made for me and lay down - and all of a sudden Big sister has a fit!!!

"NO, No! They don't want to be on the sand the turtles, (twins) want to be in the ocean too! They need to swim - GO get the other Ocean Blanket from my room!!!"

So what is a momma to do? Go get the 2nd ocean and put in on the floor on the other side of the room so Big sister can surf on her pretend surf board and the twins, uham, I mean turtles can practice swimming (rolling over and scooting and pushing up.)

Just like in real life when turtles hatch from their eggs, I had to keep tossing them back into their ocean -on their blanket when they scooted off into the sand... LOL :P

....and that is just brief description of 10 minutes from my life as a Stay@Home Mommy! :) I am so grateful to have a husband who insisted I stay at home with our children and be the one to experience them growing up. Thank you honey for having confidence and faith in me and for your support for making it all possible!

~Love from Texas!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photos of the kids in their PJ's!

Hey Everyone, We hope all of our friends and family are enjoying our new blog website. I was informed that a couple of you are having a hard time seeing the photos?? If so, shoot us an email and let us know. Maybe I can email them to you instead? Otherwise, this is still the best way to keep everyone updated and show off our growing children....

Throughout our 10 years of marriage and many moves, we have many friends across about a dozen states! :) Thanks to all of you for keeping in touch with us! The following pics were taken a couple weeks ago – it is so difficult to pose 3 kids and get them to all look at the camera at the same time! I have a new respect for photographers!!! How do you like Little Brother's night cap? I am 98% sure this was a sleeper of Anthony’s that Tracie in GA sent to us. The gown Little Sister is wearing was given to Knucklehead when she was a baby from my friend Lisa B. from Monsanto!

We will be visiting Savannah, GA for a week at the end of October and spending 10 days in KY for Thanksgiving Holiday so hopefully we can see a lot of you during our visits!

Love from Texas!

Thanks to the technology of digital cameras I can take lots of photos and not have to worry about wasting film. However, I took nearly 50 photos in 10 minutes and this is the ONLY one of Knucklehead Big Sister not making a silly face. Too bad it isn't a smile, but I will take what I can get.
OK, perhaps we will never know what exactly was so funny that little sister is snickering about… perhaps she was planning to let off one of her famous “clear the room” stink bombs! LOL .... and it appears she gave a warning to brother b/c he is plugging his nose!
In the next photo it appears that her stink bomb was a success….. "Yeah, I did it!!" says sister and little brother thinks it is funny too! ....he thinks to himself.... "thanks for the warning, but poor mom never saw it coming."
So often strangers say they look identical – when in fact they have each looked so differently since day one, but in the next two photo I guess they do sort of look alike – it is rare that I see them looking so much like each other. Perhaps it was the same expression on their faces with their eyes opened so wide???
When Big Sister was behind the camera they couldn't’t take their eyes off her – in above photo they look scared that she may fall on them… whoa!
Hope you all enjoyed the photos!
~Love from Texas!