Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photos of the kids in their PJ's!

Hey Everyone, We hope all of our friends and family are enjoying our new blog website. I was informed that a couple of you are having a hard time seeing the photos?? If so, shoot us an email and let us know. Maybe I can email them to you instead? Otherwise, this is still the best way to keep everyone updated and show off our growing children....

Throughout our 10 years of marriage and many moves, we have many friends across about a dozen states! :) Thanks to all of you for keeping in touch with us! The following pics were taken a couple weeks ago – it is so difficult to pose 3 kids and get them to all look at the camera at the same time! I have a new respect for photographers!!! How do you like Little Brother's night cap? I am 98% sure this was a sleeper of Anthony’s that Tracie in GA sent to us. The gown Little Sister is wearing was given to Knucklehead when she was a baby from my friend Lisa B. from Monsanto!

We will be visiting Savannah, GA for a week at the end of October and spending 10 days in KY for Thanksgiving Holiday so hopefully we can see a lot of you during our visits!

Love from Texas!

Thanks to the technology of digital cameras I can take lots of photos and not have to worry about wasting film. However, I took nearly 50 photos in 10 minutes and this is the ONLY one of Knucklehead Big Sister not making a silly face. Too bad it isn't a smile, but I will take what I can get.
OK, perhaps we will never know what exactly was so funny that little sister is snickering about… perhaps she was planning to let off one of her famous “clear the room” stink bombs! LOL .... and it appears she gave a warning to brother b/c he is plugging his nose!
In the next photo it appears that her stink bomb was a success….. "Yeah, I did it!!" says sister and little brother thinks it is funny too! ....he thinks to himself.... "thanks for the warning, but poor mom never saw it coming."
So often strangers say they look identical – when in fact they have each looked so differently since day one, but in the next two photo I guess they do sort of look alike – it is rare that I see them looking so much like each other. Perhaps it was the same expression on their faces with their eyes opened so wide???
When Big Sister was behind the camera they couldn't’t take their eyes off her – in above photo they look scared that she may fall on them… whoa!
Hope you all enjoyed the photos!
~Love from Texas!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie, I just finished viewing your blog, your photos are wonderful. I think your little guy looks just like his dad, and your little gal just like you, Big Sister, I think is a mix..

I am doing lots of quilting and teaching quilting also. I just got a computer for my quilting machine.. OH MY,.,, It is a challenge but I guess lots of things are a challenge when you get old..LOL

We are doing fine. I keep pretty busy, and Jim spends most of his time watching tv. We still have abbey and she is my baby.
I just got back from WI. I visited my son, the grandkids, and the GREAT grandboys..... unbelievable..

Time sure does fly..

You have a wonderful family.

bev sievers

Anonymous said...

Oh Bonnie! They are such beautiful children! Savannah. Savannah. Did you say Savannah? Yippee. We'll make an extra effort to see you @ J & TTTT's.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - the kiddos are adorable.

I have a gift for the twins from Pottery Barn Kids that has been sitting in our dining room for over a month. You will be receiving it soon.

In Christ Alone,

Anonymous said...

Hello from KY! We really should try to see each other while you are here during Thanksgiving. Listen I just wanted to tell you to give up now on getting a picture of all three. Alisha is 13, Hannah is 10 and Jonathan is 7 and I took 586 pictures over the last six months.Guess what, I will be lucky to find one for Christmas. Hint- Have someone take pictures of all of you and it seems to make them act more serious.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, Hi, Always great to hear from you and see pictures of the children. It sounds like you are doing very well. Loved the video of Nora.

We are doing well also. We have been trying to get the movie "Bella" here in Augusta. Have you heard about this movie? It has a strong prolife message and it brings you to mind. we loved seeing you down at "Planned Parenthood" what a witness you and Dave are.

Tell everyone you know to see this movie as we want to make a statement with "Hollywood". You can check out their website at

God bless.
Ruth Prohaska