Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sunday - My favorite day of the week!

Here we are last Sunday... September 16th... not at our home church but at the neighboring town's church - St. Anthony's Cathedral. I'm holding "Stretch" and my husband is holding "Milk Jug" and Knucklehead is in front of us holding "her" bulletin.

After mass was over many friendly people came up to greet us and one lady offered to take our photo. She actually asked if I mind if she take our photo with her camera that she carries with her and that "one day" when she saw us next, she would give us a copy. We explained to her that it was rare for us to attend mass there, b/c we live in the neighboring town and chances were that the twins may be much older the next time she saw us... however, she still insisted and wanted to take our photo with her camera and agreed to take another using our camera. And I am so glad she did! It is rare of us to get a family photo and where better to take one than here at the Cathederal! :)

Why were we not at our church you wonder???? We missed it! Actually, it was only 20 minuites shy of the time we usually leave the house and not everyone was out of bed yet! I won't name any names... but it wasn't like I was near being ready to go either... It would be a miracle to make it to our church's service at 10:30am so we headed over to the church next door for their 12:00..... Yes NOON!

I'll admit we have been late to mass more times in the past 3 months than we have in the past 3 years combined... and I'm talking LATE - like during the first reading late!!! Most people will turn and look the other way and pretend not to notice us trying hard to be polite b/c of our recent family growth... but I really don't like being late!

Lucky for us, we do have a backup plan as my husband calls it - the Noon Mass at the Cathedral. Although it is a nice place to worship and I love the friendlyness of the people, it really just isn't the same. If we miss mass at our home church, it makes it 2 weeks between seeing our friends... and not to mention getting a later start only sets us back for the whole day! We went out to eat afterwards, and didn't get home until nearly 4pm!!! We had very slow service at Red Lobster aka "the crab house" as Knucklehead calls it..... lucky for us the twins slept majority of the meal and no one required breast feeding so I was free to enjoy my snow crab legs - which are a hands on - kind-of-meal!

Oh, and since this post is on the topic of "Photos taken at church" I will end with a few others taken of us... the first one was taken of the kids during Father Michael's welcome reception following mass I think during June - about the time of the babies being just 3 weeks old!!! It's hard to believe they were once this small!!!!!
Sunday, June 23, 2007

Here we are - our FIRST ever family photo with the twins - and our FIRST time to take them to church - Sunday June 9th - they are only 6 days old in the photo below.

Easter 2006

Christmas 2006


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I can't imagine I would arrive ANYWHERE on time with three little ones to get ready. Precious photos, thanks for sharing.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You have some lovely family photos there! Nice that you have a "back-up" plan (later service church) in your area!!! Take care - you are looking wonderful!!!