Friday, September 7, 2007

Knucklehead’s “Meet the Teacher Day” at Preschool

September 7, 2007
Today was the day we have been anxiously waiting all summer to come – the day to go and meet the teacher at Preschool!

All of our potty training has led up to this very day… if you can’t use the potty, then you can’t go to school… the teacher is going to ask you if you know how to use the potty like all the other big kids…

All last week while Mawmaw & Pawpaw and MiMi were here, Knucklehead tinkled in the Potty EVERY time, EVERY day!!! … the first day after everyone was gone, she had two accidents that day, but after that she has been right on track and using the potty every time and today was no exception. At preschool she used the potty just like all the other big kids! And she felt very proud to be like all the other kids at school!

Knucklehead is attending a private Preschool. My best friend, Heidi, is a certified teacher and she and another great friend of mine, Cathi, have gone in together to create and open up a “Home School Preschool” in Cathi’s home.

There are a total of six students: 3 girls and 3 boys all who Knucklehead already knows and is friends with so that works out really well. Today they made their own Alphabet Clown to bring home and hang up in their bedrooms. Throughout the year, they will be adding letter balloons to bring home and hang up with their clown and by the end of the year they will have all twenty-six balloons!
It is going to be a great year for Knucklehead. She went right in with no hesitation and never looked back at me. I am so happy to see her start this new beginning! my only regret is that I didn't remember to take a photo of her with her Teachers today on "Meet the Teacher Day!"
And to wrap this up on a CUTE Note:
After “Meet the Teacher” was over, the moms and teachers visited for 10-15 minutes out in the living room area. After hearing another mom say we have to go in 5 minutes I waited a little while then prompted Knucklehead to help clean up toys b/c we would have to be leaving too in about 3 minutes (3 is her magic number these days!) To show her disappointment of having to get ready to leave – She quickly put her arms folded in front of her chest and said, “I have dreams you know!” …which is a line from the book “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.”

We left, called Daddy at work and then went to pick him up and take him out to lunch to celebrate her first day of Preschool… Where did we go? To Knucklehead’s favorite place of course!

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