Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hurricane Humberto

Hurricane Humberto

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but it’s been a busy week around here. An unexpected hurricane really put a twist on our schedule (pun intended) and now we are playing catch up after being without electricity.

A week ago tonight when we went to bed, I had no idea that a tropical storm was headed our way much less a soon to be hurricane! Fastest developing hurricane in history I have been told…

I don’t watch TV much anymore – so I was unaware that a tropical storm was headed towards the gulf. My husband knew about it b/c of his job but thought that we were not in harms way, that it was thought to be headed towards Galveston Island… like Hurricane Rita was… but in both events the path of the storm changed and ripped right thru out town on the TX/LA boarder. This time the damage wasn’t as bad in my opinion, but according to local newspapers will cost more than Rita for cleanup.

A week ago tonight around 3am we lost electricity. I had just gotten back into bed from nursing one of the twins when I heard the fan we use for a noise maker go off… then after that I could not go back to sleep – I could hear everything. The wind was really getting up and since the babies crib in our room is in the window area, it made me scared that perhaps something would come flying thru and break the glass to fall all over them… so I got up and carried them one at a time over and put them both in bed with us just to be on the safe side.

Again, I had no idea that this was a hurricane I was hearing outside… I just thought it was a bad storm. Well the next day when we woke up we got a phone call from Knucklehead's teacher saying no school b/c no electric at the home of school… but somehow I misinterpreted Heidi when she said “We’re all ok here” to mean that they had electric (when in fact they didn’t – some 100,000 + homes were out)… So I thought to myself, that if Heidi has electric and she lives off HWY 62, then we’ll jump in the van and drive to McDonalds on 62 and go get breakfast since our power is out. WRONG! No where to get hot food…

Before I even pulled out of the drive I could see the damage left from the hurricane which at this point didn’t even know it’s name b/c we didn’t have TV to watch. I actually ended up calling my Dad in KY and he told me all about what had happened here in our town.

I happened to have my digital camera with me and here are some photos I took around my neighborhood and town.

a large tree uprooted in our neighborhood.

more large branches down in one of the nieghbor's yard.

a tree split in half in our neighborhood.

Just one of many poles that were blown to the side.

all thru town a lot of signs were blown completely over like this one

a storage building was blown over on it's side!

I think lightening struck this tree on the left - no bark from the top to the middle. Although maybe this was done during Rita and I just never noticed until today??

Lucky for us, our yard didn’t have anything to clean up except our patio furniture in the backyard… it was blown all over the place and our umbrella was too damaged to keep – but that set is over 8 years old and we were thinking of buying new next spring anyway so no big loss.

Our neighbor across the street was a little jealous this week of us I think. This is a photo of his yard.

He made the comment that we didn’t have anything to pick up like he did… well of course not – b/c all of our large trees blew down to the ground (missing the house thankfully) during Hurricane Rita. We had them cut up and taken away following that hurricane and have since had the stumps ground up… so our yard looked fine this time. What was there to blow over?

And here I leave you with a photo of Knucklehead in one of her "mommy-look-a-like" stares as we drove aroudn town looking at the hurricane damage.......only my mouth woudl have been slightly opened. LOL :P

It was an intresting adventure that night after the sun went down..... trying to explain to a 3 year old for the first time about electricity and how come she needs to STOP MAKING A WISH AND BLOWING OUT OUR CANDLES!!!! Thankfully we only had to go one night without power!

I was so excited to trun onto our street Friday and see these trucks parked along our home! You can barely see our house on the Left side - white brick with green metal roof.... that Knucklehead declares is really blue -but that is a whole 'nother story! :P

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