Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you ready to LAUGH!!!???!

OK, I have never posted a video before and I am not sure if it will upload or not but I am going to try and cross my fingers that it works!

One day last week, we were playing with our digital camera making a few short videos. Or rather, "radio" as Knucklehead calls it... I am sure it makes perfect sence in her mind.

You have to see and HEAR Knucklehead singing and saying her Hail Mary Prayer - make sure you have your speakers turned up. I'm sure many of you will be saying to yourself Aughlllllllll how cute..." but wait for the VERY END!!!! I didn't know she was gonna have an encore and I hit the off button about 5 seconds too soon but I caught a little of it.

You will be ROTFLYAO - in case you don't know what that stands for I will get you started....Rolling On The Floor Laughing Your _____ Off!!!

(MAN! I wish I hadn't stopped it as soon as I did - we could have entered it on America's Funniest Videos!!! well, at least I will still have it to show her when she is all grown up! I don't think she will kill me - that is, unless she finds out that I put it up on the INTERNET!!! *gasp!*)

ok, admit it - you are Laughing!!! I have seen it over a dozen times tonight alone and I about wet myself each time. She was so serious and then...! LOL :P


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm glad you warned me! Yes, Bonnie,you might be in BIG trouble one day when Nora learns where you posted that! It's hilarious.

Anonymous said...


This was hilarious. chloe and I watched it and weren't expecting the surprise at the end. So funny. The babies are beautiful and I told Chloe that Nora looks exactly like you did at that age.

Love to you all,

Meme, Greg and family