Friday, September 7, 2007

The Babies were Baptized Sunday!

September 2, 2007
Our week started off with a great Celebration this week!!! Sunday, we had the twins baptized following Mass. Deacon Harvey did his best to move mountains so that we could have it done during the Mass but for circumstances out of his control we were not able to which was a disappointment to us... but never the less, the sacrament means the same and a handful of our closest friends came to witness this blessed event!

My Dad and Step-mom, Clara, were the Godparents for the twins. They drove down from KY and brought David's mom, Kathy, with them and arrived early Thursday morning. We had a great visit with them while they were here.

Here are a few photos that capture the special moments from the Baptism Day.

Oliva Maelee
Paul Thomas
Baptized Sunday September 2, 2007
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

I wish I had more to share but after we got home I was not able to find my camera that a friend had placed in my diaper bag. Although I searched and dug all throughout the diaper bag –THREE times even!!! then I gave up and thought maybe my friend had taken the camera home with them by mistake… so we took photos around the house of all of us holding the babies with Dad & Clara’s camera and David’s moms….

Afterwards, everyone went upstairs to undress while I looked one more time, this time I dumped the whole bag upside down on the table…(it needed a good cleaning out anyway). Well there it was! I did have it so quickly I called upstairs “get dressed AGAIN, I found my camera!!!”

David’s mom was still holding the twins, so I snapped a shot of her sitting at the fireplace but after the first photo - the battery went totally DEAD!!!

So David yelled back upstairs to Dad – “never mind the battery is dead…” which caused a great commotion b/c he had already put his shirt back on buttoned it up and even retied his tie… then to make it more funny David waited 60 seconds then yelled we got a new battery get dressed again… followed by “APRIL FOOLS!!”

You gotta know my dad to understand the April Fools thing! LOL That’s another story for another day! LOL

It just wasn’t meant for me to be the picture taker using my own camera on this day! :( Maybe with a little luck we will receive some good photos taken of us at home by Clara in the mail soon.

I really regret that there is not a photo of ME holding both of the twins... that always seems to happen :/

What precious angels they both are! We are so blessed!

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